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EUI Special Doctoral Fellowships

Special awards funded by the EUI itself have been set up to finance successful candidates who have applied for admission but who are not eligible under other grant programmes:


The primary criterion for awarding the grant is academic excellence. In order to promote the diversification of the EUI’s student body preference will be given to applicants from non EUI Member States.

Degree Requirements:

To be eligible for an EUI Special Doctoral Fellowship, candidates must have successfully completed a Master or equivalent degree in an academic discipline relevant to the doctoral programme of the department and the research proposal. The degree must be awarded before 31 August.

Application Procedure

There is no separate grant application procedure to follow. The application for admission to the EUI doctoral programme is automatically an application for an EUI Doctoral Fellowship:

Candidates wishing to apply for the fellowship should choose “Candidates from other countries” in the Grant authority section of the online application form and indicate their interest for this fellowship in the “Additional notes” in the same form.

These grants will be awarded on merit at the end of the selection process, by decision of the Entrance Board.

Grant and allowances

  • Monthly grant: € 1280 
  • Family allowance: yes
  • Travel allowance: yes
  • Insurance: yes

Grant-awarding authority

European University Institute

Page last updated on 28 September 2016