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Doctoral Programme


An international institution with a European focus, the European University Institute is one of the most culturally diverse doctoral schools anywhere in the world. Nearly 900 scholars from over 60 countries combine to create a truly multi-national community with no one dominant culture.

With leading scholars in economics, history, law and political and social sciences, all four departments promote interdisciplinary research and teaching.  Our forty years' experience focusing exclusively on doctoral studies and research makes us a global leader in defining high-quality postgraduate education. 

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Doctoral Programme 2015

More than Writing a Dissertation

The EUI offers a fully structured doctoral programme. Apart from enjoying close supervision in writing their dissertations, researchers are educated to become academically literate in neighbouring fields and disciplines. They also acquire teaching, writing, research and other skills that give them a headstart for their postdoctoral careers. 

The EUI Experience

At the EUI you will find an intellectual and social community that is supportive, inclusive and international.  You will not only enjoy an intense and satisfying life on campus and in Florence, but also become immersed in research networks and acquire enduring friendships that thrive long after completion of the doctorate. As our alumni fondly testify, the years spent as researchers in Florence count among the most stimulating and enjoyable of their lives.

Our Record

The EUI has very high completion rates. 80 per cent of all students admitted to the Ph.D. programme since 2000 and 83 per cent of those admitted to the second year of study successfully defend their thesis at the EUI. 69 per cent of our alumni are currently employed in academic positions while 12 per cent work in international organisations. Alumni from the ECO department frequently obtain positions in central banks. Over 30 per cent of all alumni from all cohorts are now employed in senior positions in their chosen career.

160 Grants

Ph.D. grants are available for nationals of most EU member states. These are EU member states that have signed the EUI Convention.  A limited number of additional grants are available for non EU member states. 



The EUI campus is situated in the scenic Tuscan hills overlooking Florence, near Fiesole. Set in historic buildings among landscaped Italian gardens, the EUI offers its members the opportunity to carry out their research in settings of unparalleled beauty.  Researchers enjoy state-of-the-art academic resources and ICT services; housing opportunities; food services; sports facilities and spaces for cultural, social and artistic initiatives.


EUI Admissions Office

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Tel: + 39 055 4685 373


I was Ph.D. candidate in the EUI’s History and Civilization Department from 2007 to 2012. I must say that those were the best years of my life in terms of research, family life, and fun. Research-wise, I particularly appreciated the close connections I had with my supervisors and other faculty members. The History Department facilitates encounters between scholars from different origins, with different approaches. This diversity was priceless; it enriched my vision of history, and ultimately, made me a better researcher. (…)

 Thomas Cauvin, Ph.D. HEC 2012, Assistant Professor of History, University of Louisiana (US)

I spent four wonderful years writing a Ph.D. thesis at the EUI Law Department. Being in Florence is, primarily, about learning to recognize beauty and harmony, making sense of one’s ideas and fostering individual growth. EUI is a truly unique place because it brings together, in the hills of sunny Tuscany, a dense academic community. The whole atmosphere is conducive to creativity and intellectual freedom. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore my research interests, take part in a number of exciting conferences and cultural events.

 Marina Aksenova, Ph.D.  LAW 2014, Postdoctoral fellow, Centre for Excellence for International Courts, Law Faculty University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Ph.D. in economics at the EUI is a competitive and intense training program. During the course I acquired the necessary tools to start my academic career. However EUI is not all about working hard and getting prepared for the job market. The experience at the EUI has been a turning point also in my personal life. The feeling of community in a real European environment made the time spent in Florence really invaluable. 

  Tommaso Oliviero, Ph.D. ECO 2014, Research Fellow, Unicredit Ugo Foscolo Europe, Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

(…) The combination of a high class faculty, a rich programme of academic seminars, workshops and lectures that give you methodological skills and substantive insights, together with outstanding supporting facilities (such as the library, administrative staff, the language centre) make an excellent offer. What is more, with so many nationalities represented, the EUI is a great place to learn about cultural differences and make lifetime friends regardless of national boundaries. In addition, Florence obviously has a lot to offer beyond the EUI and is well worth taking some time out to explore.

  Mi Ah Schøyen, Ph.D. SPS 2011, Senior Researcher at Norwegian Social Research Centre


For many a reason, one could say that coming to the EUI was one of the best decisions of my life. I spent four fantastic years in Florence, which were both highly formative and very enjoyable. It is an extraordinary privilege to exchange views with colleagues from all over Europe and the world on a daily basis, make use of our excellent library and to be able to gaze at the beauty of the Tuscan landscape and the landmarks of Florence while pondering the many intricacies of European, international and comparative law. My time at the EUI will always be one of my fondest memories. 

  Joris Larik, Ph.D. LAW  2013, Senior Researcher, The Hague Institute for Global Justice, the Netherlands

My dissertation was thoroughly supervised and I had the opportunity to present my thesis at different stages of its preparation. The regular and interesting feedback helped me to improve my work and to stay motivated. The diversity of challenging seminars I was able to follow led me to question and to enlarge my perspectives. I also appreciated the intense and constructive communication and collaboration between researchers. It was a perfect environment for developing new ideas.

  Nadia Matringe, Ph.D. HEC 2013, Post-doctoral scholar, CNRS Paris


The years of my Ph.D. at the EUI are simply unforgettable. The Department of Political and Social Sciences provides a unique environment on both intellectual and personal grounds. In fact, we not only have the opportunity to be in touch with leading professors in our field, but also the administrative staff and doctoral candidates are interesting people from which we can draw a very rich experience.

Igor Abdalla Medina de Souza, Ph.D. SPS 2010, Diplomat, Ministry of External Relations of Brazil

The EUI hosts one of the largest Ph.D. programs in Europe and doing the Ph.D. in Economics at the EUI gives you a strong background in both theoretical and empirical economics. The Economics Department at the EUI offers a stimulating atmosphere for research, and there are a lot of working groups and research seminars in which excellent researchers from outside the EUI present their work. I benefitted a lot from working with my supervisors and enjoyed meeting interesting people and making good friends.

 Lena Tonzer, Ph.D. ECO 2014, Post-doc, Halle Institute for Economic Research, Halle, Germany.

Content here...FedericoFabbrini

The EUI has been one of the most defining experiences of my life. Professionally, because it has allowed me to learn so much by interacting on a daily basis with some of the top scholars world-wide. But also personally, because I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over Europe and build so many new friendships. Even today, some years after leaving Fiesole, there is hardly any University in the world to which I go where I don't meet EUI alumni, and EUI colleagues are still some of my best friends. If you have any doubt about applying to EUI, my answer is: DO IT!" 

 Federico Fabbrini, Ph.D. LAW 2012, Associate Professor of European & International Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Application deadline

The deadline for applications for the 2015-2016 academic year is 31 January 2015.  The application form, research proposal, reference letters and other required documents must be received by midnight (central European time) on that date.

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