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Selection Procedure

Candidates are reviewed by the Director of the MWP and the professors of the relevant Department/the RSCAS, and selected by the Max Weber Steering Committee according to the following three selection criteria:

Selection Criteria

  • Academic accomplishments and potential. Academic excellence is assessed on the basis of the candidate’s contributions (publications, PhD thesis, etc. as outlined in the CV), their plans and commitment to an academic career as outlined in their ‘Research Proposal’ and ‘Academic career statement’, and other supporting evidence (i.e. two letters of reference). Preference is given to applicants in the early stages of their post-doctoral career, who can gain most from the programme.
  • Research Proposal - the proposal must be clear and well structured, with well-defined and realistic goals that can be achieved within the duration of the fellowship.
  • The capacity and availability of EUI faculty, be it in the departments or the RSCAS, to provide mentorship is taken into account; however, while having common research interests may be helpful, it is not a necessity for mentorship.

N.B.: In order to keep the application process open and fair, the policy of the EUI is not to offer individual guidance and advice on project proposals. When searching for potential mentors, applicants are requested to consult the departmental web pages where research themes are listed. 

Final approval is made by the Executive Committee of the EUI. Their decision is final and no appeal is possible.

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Page last updated on 02 July 2015