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Cigna Insurance Scheme

The EUI has launched a call for tender for new health insurance services. The company and/or insurance conditions are subject to change as of 1 September 2016. Further details about the new insurance services 2016-2017 will be published on this page by the end of June 2016. 

Medical and Accident Insurance Scheme for Researchers and Postdoctoral Fellows - Cigna Basic Policy

Policy n° 910K62 - Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe S.A., Plantin en Moretuslei, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

Email: eui@cigna.com or iue@cigna.com

Website: www.cignahealthbenefits.com 

Researchers and fellows and their accompanying dependants must have medical insurance for the duration of their stay at the Institute. The EUI offers an insurance scheme for this purpose:

  • insurance cover is worldwide - see below further details on the reimbursement of medical expenses.
  • monthly premium for academic year 2015/16 is €65.84 per adult (*), €32.91 per child (*)

(*) The premium may be covered by a grant-awarding authority: see Form 1


Cigna Complementary Policy

In addition, researchers and fellows may also wish to consider the Cigna Complementary Policy which reimburses the costs of medical hospital care given, due to a disease or an accident, in addition to the reimbursements of the basic group insurance subscribed by the EUI. For further details see: Cigna Complementary Insurance



How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the EUI-Cigna Insurance scheme, please use the relevant following form. The form must be signed and handed in to the Academic Service at registration, or sent by email to Health.Insurance@EUI.eu, or handed to Ms. Michela Menicagli, Grants and Welfare Officer, Academic Service.

  • Researchers whose health insurance premium is either part of their grant or paid for by the national authority - i.e. researchers receiving a grant from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and United Kingdom, as well as EUI scholarship-holders (EUI doctoral fellowships, EUI 4th year grant, EUI project-funded grants) - must fill in, sign and return the Cigna Application Form 1 (PDF) . The premium will be paid by the respective national grant authority through the Institute
  • Researchers and postdoc fellows who wish to join the Institute's insurance scheme at their own expense must fill in and sign the Cigna Application FORM 2 (PDF), and return it together with receipt of the payment made via bank transfer. The annual premium for the insurance is to be paid in advance every 6 months (in September and February every year). A reminder will be sent out at the time the premium is due. Subscription to the insurance scheme is from 1 September for one year, or from the 1st of each month for a minimum period of 3 months.   

Online Tool (Personal Reference Number, Username and Password)

As soon as a new insured is registered into the Cigna system, an ‘online services’ tool is also activated.  The insured receives an automatic email with information on how to log on into the Cigna website. The insured needs to know his personal insurance number before he/she can activate his/her account.  As this number is mentioned on his/her insurance card, he/she has to await the receipt of his/her card. You can also use the e-mail address eui@cigna.com or iue@cigna.com in case you need to know your personal insurance number before receiving the Cigna card.

Insurance Cards

Policyholders are entitled to receive an insurance card. An electronic copy of such a card can also be requested by email to eui@cigna.com or iue@cigna.com or downloaded from the Cigna website. The download functionality is available for plan members on their personal webpages (under My plan). 

Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement Conditions

Medical expenses are reimbursed according to the Rules on the Reimbursement of Medical Expenses (PDF). N.B. there are ceiling limits in many cases, please read the clauses carefully.

How to Request a Reimbursement

Procedures to be followed for the reimbursement of medical expenses:

Online Reimbursement Procedure 

The reimbursement of medical expenses can be requested online at www.cignahealthbenefits.com only if:

  • You are in possession of a Cigna card, containing your personal reference number and
  • You have received an email from Cigna containing the relevant instructions and a password

Reimbursement Procedure by Postal Mail

If you are not yet in possession of a Cigna card, personal reference number and password, you can still claim your reimbursement by normal mail.

Please download and fill in the Cigna Claims Form and send it to  Cigna • P.O. Box 69 • 2140 Antwerpen • Belgium - together with the originals of your medical bills. If you claim your reimbursement by mail, your are kindly advised to keep a photocopy of your claim form and medical bills.

Insurance Certificates

The Cigna online service allows policyholders to receive a proof of insurance by downloading an online Insurance Certificate.The download functionality is available for plan members through the Cigna website (go to your personal webpages under My plan). More specific certificates can also be issued by the Academic Service (contact: health.insurance@eui.eu).


Page last updated on 03 May 2016