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Counselling and Wellbeing Service


The EUI Counselling Service is open to researchers and fellows, partners and staff.   With total respect for your values, choices and lifestyle, we offer you a professional and friendly space where you can talk about whatever worries you. The Service is completely confidential and is free of charge. Counselling takes place in Villa Paola, Main Entrance.


What is counselling

Counselling refers to a secure place where you and the counsellor are working together;

  • to clarify and develop a better understanding of your concerns
  • to discover new strengths within yourself
  • to bring forward new possibilities in the perception of your difficulties
  • to help you make choices/changes/decisions which are the best for you


How it works

  • There is no fixed number of sessions but it tends to be short-term
  • The sessions last generally approximately 50 minutes.
  • Everything in the context of all counselling sessions is strictly confidential (except if there’s a need of urgent health care intervention)
  • If it’s appropriate, we can propose to you another source of support


What kind of issues are most frequently raised during our counselling sessions?

  • Difficulties with regard to relationships  (partner/family/peers)
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Transition issues

But people come and see us also for a wide range of problems like, sleeping disorder, eating disorders, substance (addiction)  and emotional abuse, sex-related issues, dealing with physical health, death of a relative or friend etc.

In any case, when you feel that the difficulties that you experience get in the way of achieving your goals and prevent you from enjoying your life do not hesitate to contact us.


Common personal challenges researchers deal with: 

  • Living away from family, partner or friends
  • Adjusting to a new environment
  • Building up a new social network (cultural diversity)
  • Dealing with doubts during the rather solitary endeavor of thesis writing
  • Dealing with scarce economic resources and the uncertainty of the future


Common academic challenges researchers deal with: 

  • Managing their time and finding a new rhythm for their work
  • Keeping up a high level of motivation on the long run
  • Dealing with their own expectations, the expectations of their supervisor, as well as those of their families


General Contact

An appointment can be made with any member of your choice.

To make an appointment please send an email to thecounselling.service@eui.eu  or email/call a member of the team directly

Counselling Service Hours

Everyday by appointment. Counselling takes place in the Consulting room, Villa Paola (main entrance)



Please note that the Counselling Service does not issue certificates.




Katia Soboul , Coordinator 

Working languages: French, English, Italian

Counselling Service Hours:

Monday and Thursday by appointment

katia.soboul@eui.eu ,  Tel. 348 0296571





Gridt Vig Find

Working languages: English, Danish

Counselling Service Hours:

Wednesday and Friday by appointment

gridt.find@eui.eu , Tel. 392 2507594 



Thiago Fernandes

 Thiago Fernandes

  Working languages: Italian, Portuguese, English

  Counselling Service Hours:

  Tuesday by appointment

  thiago.fernandes@eui.eu  Tel. 338 4019899


 Bodywork Practitioner


Alexa Hupp

Relaxation and Breathing methods

Working languages: German, English, Italian French

Service Hours:

Tuesday 14.00 – 17.00 by appointment

Alexandra.hupp@eui.eu , Tel . 328 7587114



The 3 psychiatrists below may be contacted directly for an appointment. The first 2 visits may be covered by the EUI.

  • Dr. Anna CHOUB


Studio Medico del Cinghiale, Piazza Mercato Nuovo 1 (4th floor)

Tel. 339 568 7775, speaks English and Italian


  • Dr. Sara MASETTI


Studio Pierattini, via Livorno 54/3 (1st floor)

Tel. 328 533 7931

Speaks Italian, English and Spanish


  • Dr. Maurizio MICELI


EUI, Sala medica (Friday afternoon)

Tel. 348 9118108

Speaks Italian and English






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