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EUI Card & EUI Partner Card

EUI Card

The EUI Card is issued for EUI Researchers and Fellows. 

The card is strictly personal and bears the researcher’s photo, name and matriculation number. It allows access to the buildings of the EUI, provides Library, photocopying and print-out rights and is also a pre-paid credit card for the Institute’s canteens and cafeterias (EUI Researchers benefit of a 40% reduction on EUI meals prices).

In order to make sure that their card is prepared for registration, incoming researchers will have to send a digital photo to the Academic Service well in advance.

If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, a new card can be reissued at the EUI Reception Desk (Badia Fiesolana) during the following hours: Monday to Friday, 11:00-12.30 and 14:00-16.30. A fee of € 5.00 per card will apply to reissue the card.

For further information, please contact: Lorenzo.ghezzi@eui.eu

EUI Cards Issuance Policy Statement.

EUI Partner Card

Researchers and post-doctoral fellows (including visiting students and visiting fellows registered with an EUI department or centre) may apply for an Institute partner card for their partner provided their stay is for more than one month


Application - How to request a Partner Card:

The researcher or post-doctoral fellow must fill in the application form (PDF) and return it to the EUI Welcome Unit together with a digital photo (passport-type) of their spouse/partner. The application form and photo are to be sent to the following email address: partnercard@eui.eu.

Renewal of the card is by re-applying on the same terms at the start of each academic year, but it is not necessary to re-send a photo. After the renewal request is duly completed and processed, the old expired card is automatically reactivated (the RE&F Service will not issue a new card for renewals).

Card Collection:

Partner cards that have been requested in good time before the researcher’s or post-doc fellow’s registration at the EUI will be available on the day of registration.

Otherwise, after registration, notification that the card is ready will be sent to the researcher or fellow via email from the EUI Real Estate and Facilities Service - EUI Card Office. To collect it, the researcher, fellow or partner must go to the Card Office (Reception/Control Room - by the main entrance of the Badia), identifying her/himself with a valid personal ID.

There is no cost for the first issue of a partner card. However, if the card is lost, stolen or damaged, there will be a fee of € 5.00 for replacing it.



Partner Cards are valid until the end of the academic year (31 August) in which they are issued or until expiry of the EUI researcher's/post-doc fellow’s registration at the Institute if this is earlier.

Renewal of the card is by re-applying at the beginning of each academic year on the same terms, but it is not necessary to re-send a photo.

The EUI-affiliated member must inform Academic Service if the partner relationship has terminated, the partner then no longer being eligible for a partner card.

Outside the Institute:

The partner card has no validity outside the EUI. The card does not entitle the partner to free entry into Italian State (or local municipal) museums or art galleries.


Access Rights:

Partners will be granted the same building access rights as their EUI-affiliated partner



A partner card allows entry to the Library without having to register at the entrance desk. Library access is valid until the end of the academic year or the expiry date of the EUI member’s affiliation with the Institute if earlier. Partners of EUI members are not entitled to loan rights.  For conditions of Library access, please consult the Library Rules.  



ICT Resources:

When a partner card is issued, the ICT Service sets up a “partner computing account” (see: Partner Account)
A partner computing account guarantees access to the public terminal rooms and access to a directory on the EUI server from inside Institute buildings.
A partner computing account does not give the partner an EUI email address or any printing rights.
As per the terms of ICT policy, the owner of the account is responsible for all activities carried out under her/his login name and the password may not be given out to anyone else (see: Password Policy).
Only this account should be used by the partner.



Partner cards are valid at all Institute canteens but there is no discount.


Page last updated on 24 July 2017