The main mission of the Budget and Financial Affairs Service (BFA) is to assist the President and Secretary General in organising and rationalising the EUI’s financial operations, actively supporting the academic units in achieving its institutional goals in terms of teaching and research as provided for in the Convention setting up the Institute.

More specifically, the Budget and Financial Affairs Service is in charge of executing the full budgetary cycle, from the preparation of the annual draft budget to be presented in the  budgetary committees, to its implementation and to the discharge of the President.

 It promotes sound financial management and practices through general and specific actions of simplification and accountability to comply with the budgetary regulatory framework, in particular the Financial Regulations adopted by the High Council.


The main tasks of the Service are: 

  • to secure from High Council and the Budget Committee the resources needed to implement EUI activities
  • to co-ordinate budget expenditure and good functioning of the annual budgetary procedure
  • to contribute, through advice and training, to sound financial management in all EUI units
  • to ensure the calculation and payment of individual rights of active and post-active staff
  • to deal with the financial management of internally/externally-funded research activities and fund-raising


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Page last updated on 02 July 2016