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Guest Accounts

Visitors to the Institute for less than a week and/or external participants to conferences, events and summer schools, are considered as guests and as such do not qualify for a personal EUI computing account.

Should this be your case, a Guest Account with the following features can/will be arranged for you:

A Guest Account:

  • Is valid for 2 days or for the duration of the conference/event/summer school you are attending to
  • Allows for network access via EUI-Guest wireless network
  • Can be used on a maximim of two devices at the same time (e.g. a smartphone and a laptop)
  • Allows for web-browsing via HTTP and HTTPS only

A Guest Account Does NOT Allow:

  • For your institution's VPN access
  • For the use of your email client (use your webmail instead)
  • Access to the public computers such as in the Computer Rooms
  • For any other service available to an EUI computing account holder

If, however, you need to access a broader range of network resources, please contact your hosting Department, Programme, Centre, Project or Service beforehand to verify if you qualify for a Short-term Visitor status.


Guest accounts can be issued by the:


Furthermore, participants to Conferences, Events and Summer Schools as well as their organizers, can find useful information and guidelines about WiFi access at the following page: WiFi Access for Conference Participants.



Page last updated on 10 August 2015