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Common European Framework Guidelines

Language courses at the EUI are defined in line with the Common European Framework (CEFR) guidelines. These provide a common basis for language syllabuses, curriculum guidelines, examinations, textbooks, etc. across Europe.

The CEFR gives a comprehensive description of what language learners need to learn in order to use a language for communication and what knowledge and skills they have to develop in order to act effectively.

The description also covers the cultural context in which language is set, and defines levels of proficiency which allow learners'progress to be measured at each stage of learning and on a life-long basis.

This common basis for the description of objectives, content, methods and proficiency enhances the transparency of courses, syllabuses and qualifications, thus promoting international co-operation in the field of modern languages.

The provision of objective criteria promotes the mutual recognition of qualifications gained in different learning contexts.

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Page last updated on 10 August 2015