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Text Revision Service

The Text Revision Service helps PhD and LLM researchers to develop their academic writing, and express their ideas more effectively. The service is not a proof-reading service. 

  • For editing of complete PhD or LLM theses check the Thesis Editing page.
  • Max Weber and Jean Monnet Fellows must apply to their own programmes for correction.
  • All other fellows must organise and pay for correction privately.  
  • All EUI members looking for a private corrector can check the List of correctors.
  • Go to the Real Estate and Facilities pages for Official documents and translations.

Revision is offered for the following:

  • Departmental papers (max. 5-10 pages)
  • Second-year chapters (max. 20 pages)
  • Articles, conference papers, working papers, etc. can also be corrected internally, at the discretion of the English Unit.

Procedure for submitting a text for revision

If you want a revision of your whole paper contact the English Unit
The English Unit accepts papers for revision from the end of September to mid-June. 

Each revision is followed by a feedback session to:

  • Clarify doubts or questions with the revision or problem areas that have emerged
  • Develop strategies for learning from your errors
  • Discuss further ways of improving your writing skills
  • Provide exercises and/or discuss areas for further language revision
  • Assist in setting up a plan for the next phase of the writing process

In order to use the service you must:

  • either have been exempted from following academic writing courses
  • or be a native speaker of English
  • or have followed at least 80% of an academic writing course


Page last updated on 06 March 2017