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Language Courses for Staff

Procedure for enrolling in a course

  1. Read the Staff guidelines for language course attendance.

  2. Check the timetable to see which courses are offered.

  3. Before attending any course during working hours, staff members must formulate a new request via the PDM

  4. If you are continuing a course, have already spoken with the teacher, and formulated a new request via the PDM, inform the Language Centre Assistant, specifying the course. 

  5. English, French, German, or Spanish: if you are a beginner, write to the Language Centre Assistant, stating which course you are interested in.

  6. Italian: If you have never followed courses in Italian at the EUI, fill in the Pre-Enrolment Form.

  7. If you are not a beginner, you must sit a placement test. Placement tests are held at the beginning of each term. If you cannot be present on the day of the test, contact the Language Centre Assistant.

Staff guidelines for language course attendance

Staff members can attend all Language Centre courses together with researchers, with the exception of English. 

The English and French courses for staff only, focusing on language for the workplace, are listed in the timetable below. 


Attending language courses during working hours

  • Before attending any course, staff members must formulate a new request via the PDM
  • Once your request is approved, you can attend the language course.

Attending language courses outside working hours

  • You may follow language courses that take place outside work hours.
  • You will have to pay for these courses and they will not form part of the PDM procedure.
  • Follow the procedure for enrolling in a course ignoring Step 3.



The rules for language course attendance, as laid down in Staff Note 1-12

1. Participation in courses will be treated as working hours – there will be no need to sign out during the time of the lesson.

2. Once assigned to the class, participation is obligatory.

3. Absence(s) from lessons must be communicated (when possible) to the Language Centre together with an explanatory note giving the reason for the absence(s): work commitments, holidays, illness, etc.

4. Course materials will be supplied by the Institute.

5. In order for the teacher to give a final evaluation at the end of the course, it is necessary to attend at least 80% of the lessons.

6. At the end of the courses, an evaluation form following the Common European Framework of Reference  (CEFR) will be awarded

7. In order to maintain the right to exemption from payment of the course, it will be necessary to follow a minimum of 50% of the lessons (excluding justified absences, see 3 above). Where this percentage is not reached, members of staff will be asked to pay for the course.



Staff courses timetable 2017

 January to May 2017

Course N°TeacherDays & TimeRoom

French 1

Starts on 10/1

 Anne-Marie Diogo




De Saussure


February to December 2017

Course N°TeacherDays & TimeRoom

English  1

Starts on 15/2      

Mark Petrasso 





English  2

Starts on 14/2

Peter Dulborough




Room TBC

English  3

Starts on 16/2

James Douglas







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