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Grant Information for the United Kingdom

A separate grant application must be submitted by 31 January. The application for admission to the EUI doctoral programme is not automatically an application for a national grant.

Eligibility and Grants

UK candidates for the doctoral programme must submit a separate application for a grant using the PG2E form  (soon available on this page) issued by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills DBIS)/Student Loans Company(SLC).They should also attach a Return Mail Header (soon available on this page)  to the application and mark it ***PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. Completed applications should be sent to the grant office in the UK by 31 January.

The rules for residents of England are set out in: 

The Education (Student Support)(European University Institute) Regulations 2010 and Amendments 2012

A candidate must be ordinarily resident in the UK on 1 February to qualify for support. DBIS grants are available for candidates domiciled in England who meet the criteria set out in this Regulation.

Residents of Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland  must send the completed DBIS/SLC grant eligibility form to the SLC Darlington office.

The grant is means-tested in respect of income, including that of the spouse/cohabitee.


Students may claim the cost of one return journey between their UK home and the EUI based on the cost of the first journey carried out. 

Claims must be for travel by the most economic means possible and are only reimbursed if accompanied by the original receipts.

Health Insurance

The EUI has negotiated a medical insurance policy with a Belgian company and the DBIS/SLC pays the premiums for UK studentship holders registered for the 4-year Ph.D. programme.

See:   http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/EHIC/Pages/about-the-ehic.aspx



Grant and Allowances

  • Monthly grant: € 1,508
  • Partner allowance: yes
  • Travel allowance: yes
  • Insurance: yes

National Grant-awarding Authority

Department for Business Innovation & Skills (United Kingdom)



Student Loans Company (SLC)

Ms. Jemma Dundas, Practitioner Support, Contact Services   

  • Postal Address: Memphis Building, Lingfield Point, Darlington,  DL1 1RW U.K.
  • Tel: +44 (0)845 6020583. The line is open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. 
  • Email: eu_institutions@slc.co.uk Please mark all mail PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.


Page last updated on 10 December 2014