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Policy Conference - EU Competencies in Respect of Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

29 October 2012, Florence, EUI (Villa La Fonte)


The free access to information, the variety and diversity of voices, the respect for cultural, social, political minorities are among the pillars on which European Union has been built and continues to rely on for safeguarding democracy, peace and freedom. Media freedom and pluralism facilitate and guarantee the proper application of these moral and political principles. Therefore, media freedom and pluralism have key place amongst the major political principles on which the European Union is based.

Villa-la-fonteThe Policy Conference of CMPF will address all these issues and will be occasion to present the CMPF Policy Study on “European Union Competencies in Respect of Media Pluralism and Media Freedom” commissioned by the European Commission. Within the framework of the multidisciplinary approach on media freedom and pluralism employed by the CMPF, this conference will link scholars, regulators and policy makers in order to discuss and explore the concept of media freedom and pluralism in Europe. It will single out the instruments allowing us to understand the phenomena across the socio-political, economic and legal diversity of European countries.

Particular attention will be paid to the European regulatory and legal framework and instruments to defend and foster media pluralism. Moreover, it will be discussed the role played by media freedom and pluralism on social and political life, and how their proper application faces numerous challenges. Some of them are engraved in the complex nature of the very phenomena, others are related to the market and legal context of the respective societies, and yet others are external factors such as globalisation and the current economic crisis. Some elements of the regulatory frame of media freedom and pluralism face challenges from competing political and economic values such as privacy protection, competitiveness of a liberated market. Central aim indeed is finding solutions which accommodate media freedom and pluralism without compromising other values.


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List of speakers includes:

Steven Barnett, Westminster University

Konstantina Bania, EUI

Marco Bassini, Bocconi University

Elda Brogi, CMPF European University Institute

Andrea Calderaro, CMPF European University Institute

Federica Casarosa, MEDIADEM, European University Institute

Rachael Craufurd Smith, University of Edinburgh

Alina Dobreva, CMPF, European University Institute

Gillian Doyle, University of Glasgow

Marco Gambaro, Bocconi University

Giovanni Gangemi, CMPF, European University Institute

Paula Gori, CMPF European University Institute

Paolo Mancini, University of Perugia

Roberto Mastroianni, Università Federico II Napoli

Susanne Nicoltchev, European Audiovisual Observatory / CoE

Eli Noam, Columbia University

Annetje Ottow, University of Amsterdam

Pierluigi Parcu, CMPF European University Institute

Oreste Pollicino, Bocconi University

Giuseppe Richeri, Università della Svizzera Italiana


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