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Definition of Relevant Markets in traditional and Online Media


Monday 11 March 2013
EUI - Badia Fiesolana - Sala Capitolo
from 3pm to 5pm.

CMPF Academic Seminar: 

Definition of Relevant Markets in traditional and Online Media
Marco Delmastro - Head of the Media market analysis unit at Agcom

The plurality of sources of information and freedom of expression are fundamental values in a democracy. However, in order to safeguard them, it is important to guarantee a fair competition and avoid excessive concentration of economic resources, which creates a risk of distortions in such an important field. The rise of Internet is dramatically changing communication markets, and the way citizens inform themselves in the online media age is radically different from the past. New global players are emerging, mainly funding their activities from advertising, using new business models, and competing with traditional media outlets.

In this context, the issue of the appropriate definition of relevant markets is becoming even more important also in light of the fact that new digital native players are beginning to have an increasingly relevant share in advertising markets. Until a clear distinction between different types of online advertising is made, it remains difficult to understand to what extent search engines, aggregators, social networks, and other types of internet internet players should be considered competitors to traditional media.

In his talk, Marco Delmastro and his collegues will discuss the methodology and outcomes of studies carried out by the Italian convergent regulator Agcom in this field in recent years.

delmastroMarco Delmastro is an economist at Agcom where he is Head of the Media Market Analysis unit. Before, he worked as the economic advisor to the President of Agcom. Prior to joining Agcom, Marco was economist at the Italian Competition Authority, dealing with antitrust cases in the communication sector. He spent two years at Politecnico di Milano as a senior research fellow and one year at the University of Pavia as a lecturer.

Marco completed with honours his undergraduate studies at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, received both a master’s degree with full marks at Collegio Carlo Alberto (Turin) and a doctorate degree in Economics at the University of Pavia. He also obtained a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Warwick (UK).

Marco is author of several scientific publications (in journals such as the Journal of Industrial Economics, the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Economics Letters) and of a chapter for the Oxford Handbook in Managerial Economics. With Professor Massimo Colombo he is co-author of “The Economics of Organizational Design” edited by Palgrave Macmillan.


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