EDMO presents executive and advisory boards


The newly-launched European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) has announced the members of its executive and advisory boards. EDMO will be led and chaired by STG Professors Miguel Poiares Maduro and Madeleine de Cock Buning. Read more about the experts leading the project here.

Linz-Rokkan dissertation prize awarded to Björn Bremer

Björn Bremer has been awarded the Linz Rokkan Prize for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Political Sociology for his thesis Austerity from the left: explaining the fiscal policies of social democratic parties in response to the Great Recession.  The Linz-Rokkan prize was instituted by the Department of Political and Social Sciences to honour late scholars Juan Linz and Stein Rokkan.

Two researchers win James Kaye Memorial Prize


Déborah Dubald and Catherine Gibson, 2019 graduates of the Department of History, have been selected as the winners of the 2020 James Kaye Memorial Prize for the Best Thesis in History and Visuality. The jury praised Dubald's thesis Capital Nature: A history of French museums of natural histories, 1795 - 1870 and Gibson's Nations on the Drawing Board. Ethnographic Map-Making in the Russian Empire’s Baltic Provinces, 1840 - 1920 for their clear and convincing arguments, creativity and innovation in the use of visual sources. 

Economics Department awards dissertation prizes


Alessandro Ferrari and Christian Meyer share the 2020 Vilfredo Pareto Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics, awarded each year by the Economics Department. Ferrari's research dealt with topics in international macroeconomics, while Meyer's thesis focused on development economics. Both outstanding researchers were both praised for their novel contributions to the discipline.

Being European: The need for higher education leadership

The Presidents of the partner institutions of CIVICA - The European University of Social Sciences - have issued a joint statement on social sciences in a time of crisis. The statement outlines a number of immediate actions, and calls for government leaders to support international students and researchers in the social sciences.

COVID-19: Important information for the EUI community and visitors

The EUI has suspended on-site academic activities following measures by the Italian authorities to counter the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. However, most academic and administrative activities continue via digital technologies. Read more about the latest information and guidelines for the EUI community and visitors.



State renaissance for peace: transitional governance under international law

by Emmanuel De Groof

Transitional governance has become an international project with formidable ambitions: ending war, conflict or crisis by reconfiguring the state order. This volume examines how international actors shape regime change during transition, and finds that few international rules are in place to limit their actions.

Public Services in EU Trade and Investment Agreements

by Luigi Pedreschi

This volume, the published version of Pedreschi’s thesis in LAW, provides a comprehensive overview of the possible effects of EU trade and investment agreements on the public services of EU member states. It offers an in-depth analysis of whether the treatment of public services by such agreements is coherent with the special status of public services found in 'internal' EU law, specifically internal market law.

Practical lessons from US foreign policy: the itinerant years

by James E. Goodby and Kenneth Weisbrode 

Diplomat James Goodby and historian Kenneth Weisbrode revisit the perception that the Trump administration marks a strong departure from the norms and international behaviour that have underwritten American primacy for decades. Their collection of essays reveal that Trump's style exaggerates tendencies towards unilateralism already present in US policy, and continues a relative disregard for collective security, regional integration, and diplomatic imagination.

The Media, European integration and the rise of euro-journalism, 1950s–1970s

by Martin Herzer

This volume, the published version of Herzer's doctoral thesis in History, explains how the media helped to invent the European Union as the supranational polity that we know today. Telling the story of the rise of pro-Euro journalists  within the post-war western European media, it argues that these actors pioneered a journalism that symbolically magnified the technocratic European Community as the embodiment of Europe.

Social mobilization beyond ethnicity: civic activism and grassroots movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Chiara Milan

This book, the published version of a Ph.D. thesis in SPS, uses Bosnia Herzegovina as a case study to explore episodes of mobilization which have superseded ethno-nationalist cleavages. The book investigates movements’ formation, their organizational structures and networking strategies and advances research on divided societies and social movements.