EUI hosts European Law Moot Court Regional Final

The EUI will host the European Law Moot Court Regional Final on 22-23 February, at the Badia Fiesolana. 12 student teams will plead on this year's fictitious case, which deals with the interpretation of the European arrest warrant and surrender procedures in the context of criminal offences motivated by racism and xenophobia. The pleading rounds are open to the public; the final round will be held on Saturday at 3pm.

Gisela Kallenbach to participate in 'Thoughts for Europe' event

The researcher-organised group Thoughts for Europe  has invited Gisela Kallenbach, former MEP (Greens/EFA-Group) and former member of Parliament of the Free State Saxony (Alliance90/The Greens) to speak about her experiences as a member of the European parliament. The event will take place at the Badia on 22 February, and is organised with the Historical Archives of the European Union.  All are welcome - please register.

Special issue of the European Journal of Legal Studies

The European Journal of Legal Studies (EJLS), the researcher-led open access journal of legal studies based at the EUI, announces a special issue on empirical legal studies. The issue was published in cooperation with the Network of Legal Empirical Scholars (NoLesLaw), an initiative funded by the Nordic Research Council, and includes an introduction by Urška Šadl, EUI Professor of Law and one of the managers of the Network.

High-level policy dialogue in Rome

The School of Transnational Governance held a policy dialogue at the Italian Senate in Rome on 14 February. The topic under discussion was 'La crisi della rappresentanza, le trasformazioni della democrazia e il futuro delle istituzioni parlamentari'.  Participants included Vice President of the Italian Senate Anna Rossomando, as well as Miguel Maduro, Daniel Innerarity, and Fabrizio Tassinari from the EUI. A video of the event is available here.



Media Pluralism Monitor: Monitoring Risks for Media Pluralism

Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) 

The Media Pluralism Monitor examines how countries safeguard media freedom and pluralism in the areas of basic protection, market plurality, political independence and social inclusiveness. The 2017 Monitor evaluated the EU 28 as well as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. The 31 country reports, a general report and summary infographics from that exercise are now published and available online.

Enforcement and effectiveness of consumer law

edited by Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz and Geneviève Saumier

The book focusses on the enforcement of consumer law in order to identify commonalities and best practices across nations. A comparative general report introduces the volume, highlighting key information from the 28 national reports also contained therein.  These enriching national and international perspectives offer a comprehensive overview of the current state of consumer law around the globe.

Europeanization revisited: central and eastern Europe in the European Union

edited by Michał Matlak, Frank Schimmelfennig and Tomasz P. Woźniakowski

How has the Europeanization of Central and Eastern European countries changed after their accession to the EU in 2004 and 2007, and how has it played out in the politics and the economies of the region? This volume, available in open access, brings together more than a dozen experts to examine those questions.

A republican Europe of states: cosmopolitanism, intergovernmentalism and democracy in the EU

by Richard Bellamy

This new volume combines international political theory with EU studies to examine the democratic legitimacy of the EU. The author suggests a path to reform whereby national parliaments are empowered in the EU policy-making process with strengthened connections between the EU and the various demoi of its member states.