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EU Legal Acts: Challenges and Transformations

Posted on 30 September 2014

EULawSummerCourseThe Specialised Courses in EU law at this year’s Academy of European Law summer course focused on the changing nature of EU legal acts / the constituent elements of the EU legal order.

The aim was (1) to explore current issues affecting the EU’s 'classic’ legal acts, including typology (e.g. the distinction between legislative and non-legislative acts) and comitology, hierarchy, transparency and the role of politics in the adoption of legal acts; (2) to examine those acts which are found at / or beyond / the margin of the classic legal acts, including: acts of the Member States such as inter se treaties; self-regulation and collective agreements; soft law; and decisions of the Council and of the Member States in the context of international negotiations. 

The purpose of this Workshop is to discuss with their authors the draft chapters based on the specialised lecture series, with a view to drawing out common themes as well as contrasting approaches.



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