Peoples' Rights

Edited by Philip Alston

Oxford University Press, 2001


Peoples'RightsThe right to self-determination has been a driving force in international law and politics through much of the post World War II period. In the 1970s it was joined by a number of other human rights attributed to peoples rather than to individuals, including rights to development, peace, a clean environment, and humanitarian assistance.


These so-called "third generation solidarity rights" have attracted considerable attention, especially from developing country governments, activists and scholars. In this volume, a group of leading experts examines the current status of the various rights and reflects upon their likely significance in the twenty-first century.




Table of Contents


Philip Alston, Introduction

James Crawford, The Right of Self-Determination in International Law: Its Development and Future

Benedict Kingsbury, Reconciling Five Competing Conceptual Structures of Indigenous Peoples' Claims in International and Comparative Law

Peter Leuprecht, Minority Rights Revisited: New Glimpses of an Old Issue

Anne Orford, Globalization and the Right to Development

Dinah Shelton, Environmental Rights

Philip Alston, Peoples' Rights - Their Rise and Fall


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