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Discrimination and Human Rights

The Case of Racism

Edited by Sandra Fredman

Oxford University Press, 2001


DiscriminationandHumanRightsThis set of essays provides an important contribution to the debate about the role of human rights law in combating racism. The first essay examines the right to equality in the context of racism, drawing on a wide range of international and comparative sources to create a critical framework of analysis. The second essay locates the discussion within the context of multi-culturalism, ethnicity, and group rights, with specific reference to ethnicity within Europe. The next set of essays is concerned with international istruments to address racism, followed by a critical examination of the newly developed race discrimination directive at EU level. The particular problem of race hatred on the internet is examined in the seventh chapter, followed by an important discussion of enforcement and remedial structures. 




Table of Contents

1. Sandra Fredman, Combatting Racism with Human Rights: The Right to Equality

2. Dmitrina Petrova, Multiculturalism, Ethnicity, and Group Rights

3. Theo van Boven, Discrimination and Human Rights Law

4. Kevin Boyle, A Critical Evaluation of International Human Rights Approaches to Racism

5. Damian Chalmers, The European Union and Postnational Responses to Racial Identities

6. Marisa Fernandez Esteban, The Internet: A New Horizon for Race Hatred?

7. Christopher McCrudden, Enforcement and Remedial Structures: International Norms and National Institutions




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