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Good Governance in Europe's Integrated Market

Edited by Christian Joerges and Renaud Dehousse

Oxford University Press, 2002


GoodGovernanceinEurope'sIntegratedMarketClassical views of European integration have been shaken by the evolution of the past decade. It has become clear that the traditional division of tasks between the European Union and its Member States, and between the various European institutions no longer provides a valid description of European policy-making. As the EU has become a major actor in the field of risk regulation, new institutional and other actors such as scientific experts and transnational bureaucratic networks increasingly play a major role. This book considers the underlying forces that have brought about such change and critically analyses the responses of the European institutions. Various contributions explore the constitutional and the administrative law dimensions of the developing European market governance, and they consider the changes which have occurred from the perspective of both legal and social theory.




Table of Contents



I. Editorial

1. Christian Joerges, The Law's Problems with the Governance of the European Market

II. European Constitutional Law

2. Koen Lenaerts and Amaryllis Verhoeven, Institutional Balance as a Guarantee for Democracy in EU Governance

3. Stijn Smismans, Institutional Balance as Interest Representation. Some Reflections on Lenaerts and Verhoeven

4. Peter Lindseth, Delegation is Dead - Long Live Delegation: Managing the Democratic Disconnect in the European Market Polity

. The Law of European Governance

5. Stefan Kadelbach, European Harmonisation of Administrative Law and/or The Law of a Europeanised Administration

6. Renaud Dehousse, Misfits: EU Law and the Evolution of European Governance

7. Loic Azoulay, Judges and EU Administrative Governance

8. Michelle Everson, The Socially Embedded Market Polity and Administrative Proceduralism

9. Joanne Scott & Ellen Vos, Administering Europe in an Age of Uncertainty: The Precautionary Principle in Community Law

IV. Good Governance and Democratic Theory

10. Oliver Gerstenberg and Charles F. Sabel, Directly-Deliberative Polyarchy: An Institutional Ideal for Europe?





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