Market Integration and Public Services in the European Union

Edited by Marise Cremona

Oxford University Press, 2011

In a period when the nature and scope of the European internal market is hotly contested, this collection offers a topical analysis of the most pressing issues relating to market integration and public services in the EU. As the debate continues over the balance between state control and market freedom, questions are also raised about the relationship between EU regulation and national policy choices and the 'joint responsibility' of the Union and the Member States.


Outlining the most important current issues relating to market integration and public services in the EU, this book also addresses the underlying, systemic questions of the relation between public services and markets, and services and the consumer. Chapters also examine the application of state aids and procurement law to public services. The final two chapters focus on two public service sectors where the mix of Treaty rules, case law, and legislation has operated in rather different ways: public service media and health services.

Market Integration and Public Services in the EU

Table of Contents

1. Marise Cremona: Introduction

2. Heike Schweitzer: Services of General Economic Interest: European Law's Impact on the Role of Markets and of Member States

3. Hans-W. Micklitz: Universal Services: Nucleus for a Social European Private Law

4. Thomas Von Danwitz: The Concept of State Aid in Liberalized Sectors

5. Christopher McCrudden: The Rüffert Case and Public Procurement

6. Roberto Mastroianni: Public Service Media and Market Integration: A Differential Application of Free Movement and State Aid Rules?

7. Tamara K. Hervey: If Only It Were So Simple: Public Health Services and EU Law







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