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New Technologies and Human Rights

Edited by Thérèse Murphy

Oxford University Press, 2009

The first IVF baby was born in the 1970s. Less than 20 years later, we had cloning and GM food, and information and communication technologies had transformed everyday life. In 2000, the first map of the human genome was sequenced. More recently, there has been much discussion of the economic and social benefits of nanotechnology, and synthetic biology has also been generating controversy.

This important volume is a timely contribution to increasing calls for regulation - or better regulation - of these and other new technologies. Drawing on an international team of legal scholars, it reviews and develops the role of human rights in the regulation of new technologies. Three controversies at the intersection between human rights and new technology are given particular attention. First, are human rights contributing to the creation of a brave new world of choice, where human dignity is fundamentally compromised? Second, are new technologies a threat to human rights? Finally, can human rights create better regulation of these technologies?

New Technologies and Human Rights

Table of Contents

1: Thérèse Murphy, Repetition, Revolution, and Resonance: An Introduction to New Technologies and Human Rights

2: Roger Brownsword, Human Dignity, Ethical Pluralism, and the Regulation of Modern Biotechnologies

3: Han Somsen, Regulating Human Genetics in a Neo-Eugenic Era

4: Francesca Bignami, Constitutional Patriotism and the Right to Privacy: A Comparison of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights

5: Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, New Technologies, the Precautionary Principle and Public Participation

6: Thérèse Murphy, The Texture of Reproductive Choice: Law, Ethnography and Reproductive Technologies

7: Iulia Voina Motoc, The International Law of Genetic Discrimination: The Power of 'Never Again'

8: Hélène Boussard, Individual Human Rights in Genetic Research: Blurring the Line between Collective and Individual Interests







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