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New Institutions for Human Rights Protection

Edited by Kevin Boyle

Oxford University Press, 2009 

This book presents a multi-faceted approach to one of the most crucial challenges facing Human Rights institutions today - the implementation gap that exists between human rights norms and their enforcement by States. Comprising contributions from renowned international scholars in the field of human rights, New Institutions for Human Rights Protection examines how the human rights commitments entered into by States might be translated more effectively into protection for individuals in practice and the crucial role that human rights institutions, at both a national and international level, have to play in this endeavour.

 Focusing on recent developments in respect to institutions such as the UN Human Rights Council and the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), these essays present a thorough account of the objectives and challengers facing the international community today with respect to human rights. From an account of the origins and mandate of the UN Human Rights Council to its potential conflict with the missions of the Treaty bodies and from study of the role of institutions in the field of racism and discrimination to the potency of human rights norms and institutions to uphold minority interests, this volume offers original and diverse perspectives on the role of fledgling human rights institutions. 


Table of Contents

Kevin Boyle: Introduction

1: Kevin Boyle, The United Nations Human Rights Council: Origins, Antecedents, and Prospects

2: Sir Nigel Rodley, The United Nations Human Rights Council, Its Special Procedures, and Its Relationship with the Treaty Bodies: Complementarity or Competition?

3: Nadia Bernaz, Reforming the UN Human Rights Protection Procedures: A Legal Perspective on the Establishment of the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism

4: Olivier De Schutter, The EU Fundamental Rights Agency: Genesis and Potential

5: Isabelle Rorive, A Comparative and European Examination of National Institutions in the Field of Racism and Discrimination

6: Gudmundur Alfredsson, Minority Rights: Norms and Institutions











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