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The Cultural Dimension of Human Rights

Edited by Ana Filipa Vrdoljak

Oxford University Press, 2013

The intersections between culture and human rights have engaged some of the most heated and controversial debates across international law and theory. As understandings of culture have evolved in recent decades to encompass culture as ways of life, there has been a shift in emphasis from national cultures to cultural diversity within and across states. This has entailed a push to more fully articulate cultural rights within human rights law. This volume analyses a range of responses by international law, and particularly human rights law, to some of the thorniest, perennial, and sometimes violent confrontations fuelled by culture in relations between individuals, groups and the state in international society. Across the different issues tackled, the contributions are tied by one unifying thread - that culture is understood, protected and promoted not only for its physical manifestations. Rather, it is the relationship of culture to people, individually or in groups, and the diversity of these relationships which is being protected and promoted; hence, the fundamental overlap between culture and human rights. 



Table of Contents

Ana Filipa Vrdoljak: Introduction


1: Pasquale Annichino and Olivier Roy: Religion, Culture and Human Rights

2: Ana Filipa Vrdoljak: Liberty, equality, diversity: Culture, Human Rights and International Law


3: Gaetano Pentassuglia: Protecting Minority Groups Through Human Rights Courts: The Interpretive Role of the European and Inter-American Jurisprudence

4: Siegfried Wiessner: Culture and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


5: Evangelia Psychogiopoulou: The EU and Cultural Rights

6: Tania Voon: Culture, Human Rights and the WTO

7: Yvonne Donders: Cultural Pluralism in International Human Rights Law: The Role of Reservations

8: Federico Lenzerini: Suppressing and Remedying Offences against Culture




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