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Environmental Law Dimensions of Human Rights

Edited by Ben Boer

Oxford University Press, 2015

How can we guarantee a right to life or a right to health without also guaranteeing a decent environment in which to exercise these rights? It is becoming increasingly obvious that a high quality environment is key to the fundamental human rights of life and health, and associated rights such as the right to clean water, adequate housing, and food. 

This book canvasses a range of law and policy issues concerning human rights and the environment. Each chapter examines an aspect of the links between environmental law and human rights in substantive and/or procedural terms, loosely falling into four themes: human rights and the environment in the context of the private sector; analysis of decisions of the European and Inter-American courts in respect of substantive and procedural aspects; human rights and the environment in the Asian region, including the issue of human displacement; and the future direction of human rights and environment law.



Table of Contents

  1. Square Pegs and Round Holes? Environmental Rights and the Private Sector, Natasha Affolder
  2. Benefit- Sharing as a Bridge between the Environmental and Human Rights Accountability of Multinational Corporations, Elisa Morgera
  3. The Environmental Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: A Comparative Perspective, Riccardo Pavoni
  4. Access to Environmental Justice in the European Courts, Ludwig Kramer
  5. Environmental and Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific, Ben Boer
  6. Human Displacement and Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific, Stefan Gruber
  7. Human Rights and the Environment: Where Next?, Alan Boyle

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