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New Technologies and EU Law

Edited by Marise Cremona

Oxford University Press, 2017

What is the nature of the relationship between the fields of new technology and EU law? What challenges do new technologies pose for the internal market and the fundamental principles of the EU? 

The first part of the collection explores the EU's approach to the regulation of scientific and technological risk, and the link between the regulation of technology and the internal market. In detail, the chapters analyse the interaction between EU law, bioethics and medical and health technologies. 

The second part of the collection enhances on this, and the chapters scrutinize specific policy areas in order to explain the alternate ways in which EU policy and technology cooperate

New Technologies and EU Law

Table of Contents

1.: Introduction, Marise Cremona

Part I. The EU, Scientific Risk, and Regulatory Design
2.: Mariachiara Tallacchini: Medical Technologies and EU Law: The Evolution of Regulatory Approaches and Governance, 

3.: EU Law and Bioethics, Stéphanie Hennette Vauchez
4.: Regulating New Technologies: EU Internal Market Law, Risk and Sociotechnical Order, Mark L. Flear

Part II. EU Law and New Technologies - Challenge and Response
5.: EU Data Protection Law: Review of Directive 95/46/EC and the General Data Protection Regulation, Peter Hustinx
6.: Liabilities of Internet Users and Providers, Giovanni Sartor
7.: Brave New Borders: The EU's Use of New Technologies for the Management of Migration and Asylum, Jorrit J. Rijpma

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