Is there any financial assistance available?

A limited number of fee waivers are available for excellent candidates, to be awarded at the discretion of the Academy directors. There are no full scholarships available, so all participants will have to pay for their travel and accommodation costs. 

To apply for a fee waiver:

  • fill in the online application form
  • when submitting the application form, you need to send a short email to explaining why you are requesting a fee waiver; please give details of your financial circumstances, attaching any relevant supporting documents, and indicate clearly whether you still want to be considered for selection even if you are not offered a fee waiver
  • make sure that we receive a letter of reference

Fee waiver applicants must ensure that we receive the application form and the email requesting a fee waiver at the same time. The final deadline for fee waiver requests is Friday 23 March 2018; requests received after the deadline  will not be considered. All fee waiver requests will be considered after the deadline. 

You are not eligible for a fee waiver if:

  • you apply for both courses, or
  • you have already received a fee waiver in the past

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fee waiver covers only the cost of the course. You will still have to cover your travel and accommodation expenses. 

Page last updated on 27 March 2018