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Advanced Courses 2020-2021

During the first, second and third year, students are required to pass 8 advanced courses to be chosen with the agreement of the supervisor/advisor. First year students can only attend advanced courses in block IV.

Each teaching block is followed by exams.

Block I advanced courses 27 August – 6 November  – Exams in week of 2 November


Thomas CrossleyEconomic Measurement (full-credit)
Andrea Ichino
The Statistics of Causal Inference (Joint ECO/SPS - 1 or 2 credits)


Ramon MarimonLessons from the 21st Century crises and the new macro-finance models (half-credit)


Kristina StrohmaierTopics in International Taxation (half-credit)


Block II advanced courses 10 November – 22 January – Exams in week of 18 January



Bart TaubDynamic Contact Theory and Related Topics in Continuous Time (half-credit)
Russell Cooper/Jesus Bueren, Household Dynamic Choice Part I - Part II (full-credit)


Andrea Mattozzi, Topics in Political Economy (full-credit)
Joachim WinterTopics in Health Economics (half-credit)
John Hassler, The Climate and the Economy (half-credit)
Ruben Durante, Text Analysis for Economists (full-credit)
Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, Empirical Industrial Organization (full-credit)

Block III advanced courses 26 January – 26 March – Exams in week of 22 March


Thomas Crossley, Topics in Microeconometrics (full-credit)


A. Monge-Naranjo, TBA (half-credit)


Giacomo Calzolari, Advanced Industrial Organization (full-credit)

Microeconomics & Econometrics

Sule AlanField Research Design and Impact Evaluation (full-credit)

Macroeconomics or Econometrics

Andrea Gazzani, Applied Macroeconometrics (half-credit)


Block IV advanced courses 30 March – 28 May – Exams in week of 24 May



Arpad AbrahamEndogenous and Exogenous Incomplete Markets (half-credit)
Ramon Marimon
, Macro-Finance and policy design (half-credit)
Leonardo Melosi, Information Frictions and Expectations in Macro (half-credit)
Edouard Challe, Advanced Macroeconomic Policy (full-credit) 


Zeinab AboutalebiOrganizational Economics (full-credit)


Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, or Econometrics

Junze Sun, TBA (half-credit)
Alessandro Tondini (half-credit)
Cristina Lafuente MartinezFrontiers of Macro Labour (half-credit)



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