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Advanced Courses 2017-2018

During the first and second year, students are required to pass two advanced courses in each of the three fields (Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics) to be chosen with the agreement of the supervisor/advisor, plus 2 additional advanced courses, chosen freely, for a total of 8 courses. Students must pass at least one advanced course during the first year to be considered for promotion to the second year. Any remaining advanced course requirement will need to be fulfilled in the second year. First year students can only attend advanced courses in block IV.

Each teaching block is followed by exams.

Block I advanced courses 28 August – 3 November 
Exams in week of 6 November

Jérome Adda, Methods for writing a PhD thesis (compulsory, no credit)


Arpad Abraham, Endogenous and Exogenous Incomplete Markets (full credit) (ECO-AD-ENDEXO-17)
Hernan Seoane, International Macroeconomics: Topics on external debt (half-credit) (ECO-AD-EXTDBT-17)

Microeconomics or Macroeconomics

David Levine, When pollsters are wrong and lobbyists win: economic sociology and political economy (full credit) (ECO-AD-POLLOB-17)


Niels Johannesen, Empirical topics in international taxation: evasion, avoidance and enforcement (half-credit) (ECO-AD-INTTAX-17)

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics or Econometrics 

Jérome Adda, Structural Estimation (full credit) (ECO-AD-STREST-17)

Block II advanced courses 13 November – 19 January
Exams in week of 22 January


Andrea Galeotti, Network Theory (full credit) (ECO-AD-NTWTHR-17)


Axelle Ferriere, Topics in Fiscal Policy (full credit) (ECO-AD-FISPOL-17)
Ramon Marimon, Financial Frictions, Sovereign Debt and Risk-Sharing (with an introduction to Recursive Contracts) (half-credit) (ECO-AD-RSKSHR-17)
Evi Pappa, Open Economy Macroeconomics (full credit) (ECO-AD-OPNECN-17)


Joseph DoyleTopics in Applied Health Economics (half-credit) (ECO-AD-HLTECN-17)

Block III advanced courses 29 January – 22 March
Exams in week of 23 March

Econometrics or Macroeconomics

Juan Dolado, Advanced Topics in Applied Macro & Labour (full credit) (ECO-AD-APPMCR-17)


Arthur Schram, Topics in Experimental Economics (half-credit) (ECO-AD-EXPECNM-17)
Matteo Foschi, Bounded Rationality in Industrial Organization and Contract Theory (half-credit) (ECO-AD-INDSORG-17)

Microeconomics or Macroeconomics

Philipp Kircher, Competitive Search (half-credit) (ECO-AD-COMSRCH-17)
Dominik Sachs, Public Economics (half-credit) (weeks: 12-16, 19-23 March) (ECO-AD-PBLECNM-17)

Microeconomics or Econometrics
Michèle Belot and Philipp KircherApplied microeconomics: Theory and Empirics (full credit) (ECO-AD-APLMICR-17)

Block IV advanced courses 3 April – 18 May
Exams in week of 21 May

Maxim Goryunov, Economics for non-economists (half-credit) (ECO-AD-NONECN-17)


Ramon Marimon, Macro-Finance and Policy Design (half-credit) (ECO-AD-POLDSG-17)
Kurt MitmanTopics in Quantitative Macroeconomics (half-credit) (ECO-AD-QNTMACR-17)
Francesco Molteni, DSGE Models with Financial Frictions (half-credit) (ECO-AD-DSGEMDL-17)


Andrea Ichino, The Problem of Causality (full credit) (ECO-AD-PRBCSL-17)
Seetha Menon, Development Economics (half-credit) (ECO-AD-DVLECN-17)


Mark Armstrong, Topics in Industrial Organization Theory (half-credit) (ECO-AD-INDORG-17)
Andrea Mattozzi, Topics in Political Economy (full credit) (ECO-AD-POLECN-17)
Kym Pram, Communication and Persuasion (half-credit) (ECO-AD-COMPER-17)

Macroeconomics or Microeconomics

Piero Gottardi, Topics in Financial Economics (full credit) (ECO-AD-FNCECN-17)
Rodolfo Manuelli, Continuous Time Macro (half-credit) (ECO-AD-CONTIME-17)

Macroeconomics or Econometrics 
Leonardo MelosiStructural Bayesian Econometrics (half-credit) (ECO-AD-STRBAYEC-17)

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