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First-Term Courses 2011-2012

Compulsory Courses

These are in 3 blocks, with the background course on Mathematics starting on 30 August, and the courses on Statistics and Econometrics and on Microeconomics starting on 12 September [see also August-October Programme for First-Year Students Academic Year 2010-2011] and then twice a week until the middle of February 2012 (going into the second term). The Macroeconomics module will start in the second block (in November) and will continue until the middle of April. Each block is followed by exams, which will take place in the weeks of 24 October (block I), 12 December (block II) and 20 February (block III) while the Macro block III exams will take place in mid-April.

Statistics and Econometrics


Macroeconomics (starts November continues until mid-April)


Advanced courses for Second Year Students only

Current 2nd year students must ensure that by the end of their 2nd year they have passed the exams of 8 Advanced Courses, of which 6 should be Advanced Core courses (2 in each of the 3 fields).



Amil Dasgupta (LSE)

Intermediaries, Markets and Crises (half credit course) Monday 19 September

Tuesday 20 September 10-13

Wed. 21 September

Friday 23 September 9:30-10:30


Enrique G. Mendoza (University of Maryland)

 Incomplete Markets, Financial Frictions and Crises (half credit course) Monday 3 October 11-13

Tuesday 4 October 8.45-10.45

Wednesday 5 October 8.45-10.45

Thursday 6 October 11-13

Thursday 6 October 15-17



  Microeconomics or Macroeconomics 
David Levine / Ramon Marimon  Dynamic Games and Contracts All classes will be at 8.45-10.45

Tuesday 11 October

Friday 14 October

Tuesday 18 October

Friday 21 October

Tuesday 25 October

Friday 28 October

Friday 4 November

Tuesday 8 November

Friday 11 Novemer

Tuesday 15 November


 Fabio Canova  Topics in Bayesian Econometrics  November and December 


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