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First-Term Courses 2012-2013

Compulsory Courses

These are in 3 blocks, with the background course on Mathematics starting on 28 August, and the courses on Statistics and Econometrics and on Microeconomics starting on 11 September [see also August-October Programme for First-Year Students Academic Year 2012-2013] and then twice a week until the middle of February 2013 (going into the second term). The Macroeconomics module will start in the second block (in November) and will continue until the middle of April. Each block is followed by exams, which will take place in the weeks of 22 October (block I), 10 December (block II) and 18 February (block III) while the Macro block III exams will take place in mid-April.

Statistics and Econometrics




*Compulsory for first-year research students. For the compulsory courses, there are additional exercise classes by Teaching Assistants.


Advanced Courses

During the first and second year, students are required to pass two advanced courses in each of the three fields (Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics) to be chosen with the agreement of the supervisor/advisor, plus 2 additional advanced courses, chosen freely, for a total of 8 courses. They must pass at least two advanced courses during the first year to be considered for promotion to the second year. Any remaining advanced course requirement will need to be fulfilled in the second year. The advanced course on “Economics of the European Union” has compulsory attendance, and must be taken either in the 1st or 2nd year, but not necessarily for credit.


Advanced courses for Second Year Students only

Macroeconomics or Econometrics

Fabio Canova - “Topics in Macroeconometrics”, September-October  (starting 10/9/2012 )

all lessons at 8.45-10.45

Monday 10/9, 17/9, 24/9, 1/10, 8/10

Tuesday 11/9, 18/9, 25/9, 2/10, 9/10

Microeconomics or Econometrics

Christian Dustmann - half-credit course on “The Economics of Migration”, September (starting 17/9/2012)

all lessons at 15.00-17.00

Monday 17/9, 24/9

Tuesday 18/9

Wednesday 19/9

Thursday 27/9

Macroeconomics or Microeconomics

David Levine / Ramon Marimon: "Evolution and Learning in Games and in Macroeconomics", from September (starting 21/9/2012)

Levine (Learning and Evolution): 21/9, 28/9, 5/10, 12/10, 19/10

Marimon (Learning and Misallocation): 26/10, 2/11 [no class], 9/11, 14/11, 21/11, 30/11, 5/12

No field, primary interest to 2nd year students

Jérome Adda / Christian Dustmann - "Workshop on PhD preparation", from September (starting 17/9/2012)

Monday 17/9, 24/9 - 17.15-19.15

Thursday 20/9 - 15.00-17.00

Thursday 27/9 - 17.15-19.15

Monday 5/11 - 15.00-18.00

Friday 9/11 - 17.00-19.00

Series of Lectures on "Financial Innovation and Market Design"

Half-credit series of lectures on “Financial Innovation and Market Design" to be given by Marzena Rostek and Marek Weretka. The dates/times are:

Monday 26 November, 11.00-13.30

Wednesday 28 November, 11.00-13.30

Monday 10 December, 11.00-13.30

Wednesday 12 December, 11.00-13.3




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