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Second-Term Courses 2010-2011

Compulsory Block 3 (January-February)

Statistics and Econometrics

Helmut Luetkepohl 
Block III Outline 
Course Material



Massimo Morelli
Block III Outline 
Course Material 

Advanced Courses

All current 1st-year researchers must take a total of at least 4 (max. 6) Advanced Courses and sit exams in these 4 courses, of which they must pass at least 3 (from different fields) to be considered for promotion to the 2nd year.

When choosing researchers should also remember that by the end of their 2nd year they should have passed 6 Advanced Core courses, 2 each in Macor, Micro and Econometrics, plus 2 additional Advanced Courses, chosen freely from among the Advanced Core and Non-Core (or Optional) courses, for a total of 8 courses.

Current 2nd year researchers must ensure that by the end of their 2nd year they have passed the exams of 8 Advanced Courses, of which 6 should be Advanced Core courses (2 in each of the 3 fields).  


Advanced and Optional Courses, 2nd-year Researchers (from January)

 Presented by Title Date

Andrea Ichino

The Problem of Causality
Course Outline 

There will be a sit-down exam on  Friday 18 March, 11.00-13.00 and also a take-home.

Friday 21 Jan. 17.15

Tuesday 1 Feb. 8.45

Friday 4 Feb. 8.45

Tuesday 8 Feb. 8.45

Friday 11 Feb. 8.45

Tuesday 15 Feb. 8.45

Friday 18 Feb. 8.45

Tuesday 22 Feb. 17.15

Friday 25 Feb. 8.45

Friday 4 March 8.45


Advanced Block 1, 1st and 2nd-year Researchers (28 February-8 April, exams in the week of 11 April)

Russell Cooper Wages and Prices: Micro Evidence, Theory and Macro Applications

 Course Outline

Giancarlo Corsetti

International Macroeconomics



There will be an exam on Wednesday 13 April, 10.00-13.00.

Course Outline 


Tuesday 22 March

Wednesday 23 March

Thursday 24 March

Friday 25 March

Tuesday 29 March

Wed 30 March - 13:00

Thursday 31 March

Friday 1st April

all at 17.15 Monday 4 April

Tuesday 5 April

both at 11.00

Microeconomics or Macroeconomics
Elena Carletti Financial Crises Course Outline
Massimo Morelli

Topics in Political Economy

Course Outline
Jerome Adda Microeconometrics Course Outline
Helmut Luetkepohl Structural Vector Autoregressions and Asymptotic Theory for Time Series Econometrics

Course Material

Half Credit Course
 Optional Course  
Anthony Landry, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Fernand Braudel Fellow)

International Prices

course outline

course web page

Wed. 9 March, 13.00-15.00  

Wed. 16 March, 11.00-13.00

Thurs. 24 March 13.00-15.00  

Monday 28 March 11.00-13.00

Thursday 7 April 11.00-13.00

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