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Second-Term Courses 2011-2012

Compulsory Block 3 (January-February)

Statistics and Econometrics

Fabio Canova
Block III course outline


Andrea Mattozzi
Block III course outline

Macroeconomics (starts end of February)

Evi Pappa
Block III course outline 

Advanced Courses

All current 1st year students must follow at least 3 (maximum 6) Advanced Courses and sit exams in these 3 courses, of which they must pass at least 2 (from different fields) to be considered for promotion to the 2nd year. In making these choices, they should also remember that by the end of their 2nd year they should have passed 6 Advanced Core courses, 2 each in Macro, Micro and Econometrics, plus 2 additional Advanced courses, chosen freely from among the Advanced Core and Non-Core (or Optional) courses, for a total of 8 courses. Courses should be chosen with the agreement of the supervisor/advisor.

Current 2nd year students must ensure that by the end of their 2nd year they have passed the exams of 8 Advanced Courses, of which 6 should be Advanced Core courses (2 in each of the 3 fields).

Advanced and Optional Courses, 2nd-year Researchers (from January)

Andrea Ichino The Problem of Causality 


There will be a sit-down exam, Wednesday 14 March, 15.00-17.00, and also a take-home

Tuesday 10 Jan. 15.00

Friday 13 Jan. 8.45

Tuesday 17 Jan.15.00

Friday 20 Jan. 8.45

Tuesday 24 Jan. 15.00

Friday 27 Jan.  8.45

Tuesday 7 Feb. 15.00

Friday 10 Feb. 8.45

Friday 24 Feb. 8.45

Tuesday 28 Feb. 15.00

Jérôme Adda/

Ramon Marimon

The Economics of the European Union – for both 1st and 2nd year researchers  

Wed. 25 Jan. 8:45

Wed. 1 Feb. 8:45

Wed. 8 Feb. 8:45

Wed. 15 Feb. 8:45

Wed. 22 Feb. 8:45

Wed. 29 Feb. 8:45

Wed. 7 March 8:45

Wed. 14 March 8:45

Wed. 9 & 16 May 8:45 - 
Student presentations 

Advanced Block 1, 1st and 2nd-year Researchers (27 February to 30 March - Exams in week of 9 April)

 Evi Pappa Fiscal Policy  see basic schedule           
  Macro or Econometrics 

Russell Cooper / Jerome Adda

Topics in Applied Dynamic Programming 1 see basic schedule 
  Micro or Macro 
 Elena Carletti

Financial Crises

Cooper Presentation

 see basic schedule 
Andrea Mattozzi Topics in Political Economics see basic schedule 
Jerome Adda Microeconometrics  see basic schedule 
Peter Hansen Model Selection & Volatility Modeling  see basic schedule 

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