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Second-Term Courses 2013-2014

Compulsory Block 3 (January-February)

Statistics and Econometrics

Peter Hansen

Block III course outline


Andrea Mattozzi

Block III  course outline


Advanced Core Courses for First and Second Year Students

During the first and second year, students are required to pass two advanced courses in each of the three fields (Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics) to be chosen with the agreement of the supervisor/advisor, plus 2 additional advanced courses, chosen freely, for a total of 8 courses. They must pass at least two advanced courses during the first year to be considered for promotion to the second year. Any remaining advanced course requirement will need to be fulfilled in the second year. 

Advanced Block 1 (24 February - 28 March - exams in week of 7 April)


Evi Pappa - "Topics in Macroeconomics"Charles Brendon - half-credit course on "Topics in Dynamic Optimal Taxation” 


David Levine - half-credit course on "Learning and Evolution in Games"
Jesper Rudiger - half-credit course on "Information Transmission in Economics"


Peter Hansen - "Model Selection & Multiple Testing"

Econometrics or Microeconomics

Matthias Sutter and Sven Steinmo - "Experimental Economics"

Econometrics or Macroeconomics

Juan Dolado - "Topics on Applied Macro & Labour"

For 3rd-year students and beyond - no credit and not compulsory

Jérome Adda / Christian Dustmann - "Workshop on PhD preparation"

Monday 10 March, 17.15 - 19.15

Tuesday 11 March, 17.15 - 19.15

Thursday 13 March, 11.00 - 13.00 --> moved to Wednesday 12 March, 15.00 - 17.00

Friday 14 March, 17.15 - 19.15 



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