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Third-Term Courses 2009-2010

Advanced Block 2 (19 April-4 June)


Macroeconomics or Econometrics
Jerome Adda and Russell Cooper Topics in Applied Dynamic Programming 2



Arpad Abraham Exogenous and Endogenous Incomplete Markets Term3Adv2-2009110Abraham
Fernando Vega-Redondo Complex Social Networks Term3Adv2-200910Vega
Piero Gottardi Topics on Information and Markets



Econometrics or Microeconomics
Luigi Guiso Topics in Applied Economics and Finance Term3Adv2-200910Guiso
Massimiliano Marcellino Topics in Time Series Analysis Term3Adv2-200910Marcellino


Half-Credit Courses
   Optional Courses  
Dominique Guegan, Fernand Braudel Fellow  Financial Risks Term3Opt-200910Guegan
Shlomo Weber, Fernand Braudel Fellow Diversity: Foundations, Measurement and Applications Term3Opt-200910-SWeber
Jan Werner, Fernand Braudel Fellow Financial Economics Term3Opt-200910Werner1

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