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Job Market Candidates 2018-2019


Economics Ph.D. Researchers on the Job Market


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Job Market Paper: “Keep Friends Close, But Enemies Closer”: Connections and Political Careers

Dissertation: Essays in Applied Microeconomics

Research Interests: Political Economy, Labour Economics, Networks

References: Andrea Mattozzi (EUI), Andrea Ichino (EUI), Andrea Galeotti (London Business School), Daniela Iorio (University of Bologna)

Matteo GATTI 

Personal Webpage, View CV, Email: [email protected]

Job Market Paper: “Markups And Firm Entry: Evidence From The 2012 Emilia Earthquake”

Dissertation: Essays on the Economics of Firms and Financial Institutions

Research Interests: Empirical corporate finance, banking and empirical macroeconomics

References: Evi Pappa (Universidad Carlos III Madrid), Juan J. Dolado (EUI), Tommaso Oliviero (University of Naples Federico II)


Personal Webpage, View CV, Email: [email protected]

Job Market Paper: "Generating and Suppressing Hard Evidence”

Dissertation: Essays in Information Economics

Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Information Economics

References: Piero Gottardi (University of Essex), Andrea Mattozzi (EUI), Andrea Galeotti (London Business School) and David Levine (EUI)


Personal Webpage, View CV, Email: [email protected]

Job Market Paper: “Politicians’ Promises and Salience”

Dissertation: Essays in Political Economics

Research Interests: Political Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Norms and Institutions

References: David Levine (EUI), Andrea Mattozzi (EUI), Matthias Sutter (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods), Elias Dinas (EUI and University of Oxford)

Christian MEYER 

Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected] 

Job Market Paper: "In Search of a Better Life: Self-Control in the Ethiopian Labor Market"

Dissertation: Essays in Behavioral Economics and Development

Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental, Development (primary), Labor (secondary)

References: Michèle Belot (EUI), Arthur Schram (EUI and University of Amsterdam), David Rand (MIT Sloan School of Management), Philipp Kircher (EUI)

Martina VECCHI 

Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected]

Home institution: The University of Edinburgh

Job Market Paper: "Groups and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Experiment with Farmers"

Dissertation: Non-selfish motivations and behavioral biases on decision making

Research Interests: Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, Health Economics

References: Michele Belot (EUI), Liang Bai (The University of Edinburgh) and Klarita Gërxhani (EUI)

Max Weber Fellows on the Job Market


Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. awarding institution: Goethe University Frankfurt

Job Market Paper: “Liquidity Constraints in the U.S. Housing Market”

Dissertation: Essays on Tax Avoidance and Financial Markets

Fields of Interest: Macroeconomics, Real Estate Finance, Taxation

EUI Mentor: Arpad Abraham

References: Arpad Abraham (EUI), Oleksiy Kryvtsov (Bank of Canada), Virgiliu Midrigan (New York University)


Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. awarding institution: University of Pennsylvania

Job Market Paper: "The Effect of Job-Polarizing Skill Demands on the US Wage Structure"

Dissertation: Essays on Wage Inequality using the Search Framework

Fields of Interest: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, and Applied Econometrics

EUI Mentor: Philipp Kircher

References: Iourii Manovskii (University of Pennsylvania), Kenneth Burdett (University of Pennsylvania), Dirk Krueger (University of Pennsylvania), David Levine (EUI)


Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. awarding institution: London School of Economics and Political Science

Job Market Paper: “Fiscal Policy under Constraints: Fiscal Capacity and the (In-) Stability of Government Financing during the Great Depression"

Dissertation: Government Action under Constraints: Fiscal Development, Fiscal Policy and Public Goods Provision during the Great Depression and in 19th and early 20th Century Brazil

Fields of Interest: Economic History, Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Development

EUI Mentor: Ramon Marimon 

References: Ramon Marimon (EUI), Albrecht Ritschl (LSE), Olivier Accominotti (LSE)

Post-Docs and Alumni on the Job Market


Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. awarded at the EUI in 2017

Job Market Paper: "Group size and the use of skills diversity in production. Evidence from the lab and the field"

Dissertation: Essays in social economics

Fields of Interest: Development Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics

References: Andrea Mattozzi (EUI), Andrea Ichino (EUI), Marco Casari (University of Bologna) and Robin Sherbourne (Overseas Development Institute)


Personal webpageView CV, Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. awarded at the EUI in 2015

Job Market Paper: "Limited Arbitrage in the Market for Local Currency Emerging Market Debt"

Dissertation: Three essays in macroeconomics

Fields of Interest: International Macro/Finance, Asset Pricing

References: Arpad Abraham (EUI), Facundo Piguillem(EIEF), Evi Pappa(UC3M)

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