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Tobias BroerWith some difficulty I had turned down an offer from a good department on the US east coast, in favour of the EUI. I have never regretted this decision. The first year sequence was as rigorous as in any other top-PhD programme, and together with the field courses left me well-prepared for research. I had very close contact with my two supervisors, who were always happy to discuss my ideas, and to give feedback on written work or on my presentations in the student lunches. The many visitors at the department and an excellent exchange programme with other European and US universities, were an opportunity to make plenty of contacts with other researches in my area. And with its many Students and Post-docs from all over Europe, a beautiful and, yes, exciting city to its feet, plus the fantastic countryside around, the EUI surely makes much more than just an excellent academic environment.

Tobias Broer, PhD in Economics in 2009. Tobias is an assistant professor at the Institute of International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm.

Bertrand GrussThe EUI offers one of the best Economics Ph.D. in Europe which is highly recognized by academia and policy institutions around the world, as the placement of its students suggests. The structure of courses, the very close interaction with its top professors and visiting scholars and the logistic facilities it offers make the EUI’s Economics Department a very stimulating environment to develop state of the art research.

Bertrand Gruss, PhD in Economics, October 2010. He is now an Economist at the International Monetary Fund.

Pontus RendahlThe combination of a stellar faculty, first-rate seminars, and the high quality of life that Florence has to offer makes the PhD-programme at the EUI one of the most attractive in the world. My four years at the institute provided me with rigorous training in economics, critical and analytical thinking, and last - but not least - friends for life. I would redo it all without blinking an eye .


Pontus Rendhal is an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at the University of California, Davis. He was awarded the PhD in Economics in 2007.

KarelMertensThe EUI Ph.D. programme in economics offers everything you need for a successful career in academia: excellent courses taught by first-rate professors, seminars by top scholars and a unique and interactive working environment. The programme is perhaps the best in Europe and in my view highly competitive with most US programmes.

Karel Mertens, Ph.D. in Economics, December 2007. He is now an Assistant Professor at Cornell University.


WiederholtThe EUI is one of the top Ph.D. programmes in Europe. The Economics Department has a strong faculty and a well organized course program. Furthermore, in Fiesole it is common to interact across disciplines. I learned a lot and I had a wonderful time.

Mirko Wiederholt, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. He is a macroeconomist and graduated from the EUI in 2003

Adam2The EUI offered an extremely stimulating academic environment but also much in terms of cultural and personal development. I can only recommend students seeking to write a Ph.D. in Economics to apply to this programme.

Klaus Adam is Professor of Economics at Mannheim University. He is a macroeconomist and graduated from the EUI in 2001. He won the Rotary Prize for the best PhD in Economics at the EUI (defended 2002)

DustmannThe EUI is not only a place of academic excellence, but is also a place where I met many interesting people and made good friends. It has a unique international atmosphere, and a spirit of intellectual exchange and debate.

Christian Dustmann graduated from the EUI in 1992. He is Professor at University College. Christian has worked in applied microeconometrics and labour economics (in particular the economics of education and wages and mobility) and on labour migration. He is also Director of CReaM (Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration)

Fiorentini1I found a stimulating international environment and a comprehensive sequence of excellent first-year courses in Quantitative Economics and Econometrics. During my staying at the Institute I was exposed to a large number of seminars by leading researchers in all fields of economics. The faculty was first-class and I benefited from the advice of my supervisor as well as other staff.

Gabriele Fiorentini is Professor of Econometrics at the University of Florence. He is an econometrician and graduated from the EUI in 1995

FratzscherEUI students are intensely sought after by policy institutions, such as the ECB, because of the excellent training as well as the European and international outlook of the EUI. The Institute offers not only one of the best Ph.D. programmes in Europe, but it competes with the best US universities for placement of its students in policy institutions and academia.

Marcel Fratzscher, Head of Division, the European Central Bank (ECB). His work focuses on policy and research issues in international macro and finance, and in monetary economics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the EUI in 2002

Herrendorf2During my three years at EUI, I was introduced  to frontier research and a new culture. This had a permanent impact on my life: I still collaborate on much of my research with my EUI classmate Akos Valentinyi and spend a large chunk of the year in the South of Europe (currently at Carlos III in Madrid).

Berthold Herrendorf 
graduated from the EUI in 1996. He is currently an Associate Professor at the W.P. Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University. Berthold works on macroeconomic theory and his current research is about cross-country productivity differences

hopkins2I remember my time at the EUI with enormous affection. It has a unique international atmosphere, with good facilities in a truly beautiful location which makes for a great research environment. There were good parties too.

Edmund Hopkins, Ph.D. 1996, Professor of Economics, University of Edinburgh. Ed works on game theory and microeconomic theory

Hauk1When I was invited to the interview at EUI my professors at UCL tried to stop me from going. They argued that once I saw the EUI I would not listen to reason any more. They were right: I immediately fell in love with the place and I never regretted my decision. The Florence experience was simply unique.

Esther Hauk, Ph.D. in Economics, 1997. Since 2002 she holds the position of Associate Professor of Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


UbideThe EUI offers a unique combination of first-class graduate education and a multi-cultural, interdisciplinary environment that is critical in today's globalized world. This has given me a critical edge to advance my career as a researcher and international civil servant and then as a private sector economist.

Angel Ubide, Director of Global Economics of the Tudor Investment Corporation and formerly at the IMF. He took his Ph.D. in Economics from the EUI in 1995




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