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Job Market Results

Many of our alumni are now prominent academics or working in prestigious positions at leading international institutions. In the past years our research students have been placed at institutions such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the Paris School of Economics, Stockholm University, Cornell University, New York University, the University of Houston, the University of California Davis, the University of Mannheim, the University of Bonn, Universidad Carlos III, Toulouse School of Economics, the University of Vienna, the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and several national central banks.


Swiss National Bank - Economist - Alica Ida Bonk 

LUISS University Rome - Assistant Professor - Matteo Escudé

University of Zurich - Assistant Professor - Alessandro Ferrari

University of Naples Federico II - Post-doctoral Position - Francisco Vitorino Queirós

Swedish Central Bank (Research Division of the Sveriges Riksbank) - Economist - Anna Picco Rogantini

IMF - Economist Program - Chima Simpson-Bell

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - Assistant Professor - Alessandro Spiganti

University of Chicago and UCEMA - JILAEE Post-doctoral Position - and University of Essex - Lecturer - Egon Tripodi

University of Milano-Bicocca - Post-doctoral Position - Giulia Tura



University Loyola Andalucia - Assistant Professor - Álvarez Pereira Brais 

University of Milan - Post-doctoral Position - Andrea Cintolesi

NERA Economic Consulting London - Economist - Gatti Matteo

Danmarks Nationalbank - Research Economist - Gorea Denis

IMF, Fiscal Affairs Department - Economist / Economist Program - Alexandra Fotiou

University of Oxford, Department of Economics & Queen's College - Career Development Fellow - Marinkov Viktor

University of Bonn - Post-doctoral position - Janssen Mathijs

World Bank Group - Labor Economist - and University of Oxford - Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow - Meyer Christian

Freie Universität Berlin - Post-doctoral position - Oh Joonseok 

University of Bonn - Post-doctoral position - Papadia Andrea

Google Zurich - Data Scientist - Pinole Julie 

University of Surrey - Lecturer - Shakhnov Kirill 

QuantCo - Data Scientist - Schmidtblaicher Matthias 

Pennsylvania State University - Assistant Professor - Vecchi Martina 



University of Bonn - Assistant Professor - Pavel Brendler

Kadir Has University Istanbul - Assistant Professor - Gozde Corekcioglu

Charles River Associates London - Senior Associate - Matteo Foschi

Bank of Canada - Senior Economist/Analyst - Gabriela Galassi 

University of Technology Sydney - Assistant Professor - Esther Mirjam Girsberger

Ben Gurion University in the Negev - Assistant Professor - Ada Isabel Gonzalez-Torres Fernandez

Nazarbayev University Astana - Assistant Professor - Maxim Goryunov

Tilburg University - Post-doctoral Position - Madina Kurmangaliyeva

IMF - Economist - Andresa Lagerborg

Federal Reserve Board - Research Economist - Francesca Loria

University of Essex - Lecturer - Lukas Mayr

University of Southern Denmark - Assistant Professor - Seetha Menon

University of Nevada Reno - Assistant Professor - Kym Pram

New University of Lisbon - Post-doctoral position - Fabian Schütze

University of St Andrews - Lecturer - Joao Rafael Sousa Da Cunha



CAF Latin American Development Bank, Buenos Aires - Lian Allub

Cowles - Post-doctoral position - Giovanni Andreottola

Higher School of Economics Moscow - Assistant Professorship - Anastasia Antsygina

Universidad Carlos III - Post-doctoral position - Nicolas Aragon

University of Vienna - Assistant Professorship - Omar Bamieh

Universidad Nacional de La Plata - Assistant Professorship - and CEDLAS (Center for Distributive, Labor and Social Studies) - Associate Fellow - Inés Berniell

Bank of England - Kristina Bluwstein

Toulouse School of Economics - Post-doctoral position - Helia Costa

CUNEF - Assistant Professorship - Antoni-Italo De Moragas

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona - Visiting Professor - Gabriel Facchini

Bank of Italy - Research fellowship - Andrea Giovanni Gazzani

Bank of Ireland - Research Internship - Robert Goodhead

King's College London - Lecturer in the School of Management, - Niall Hughes

IMT Lucca - Assistant Professorship - Kenan Huremovic

University of Vienna - Assistant Professorship - David Pothier

University of Mannheim - Assistant Professorship - Krzysztof Pytka

Bank of Spain - Associate Directorate General of International Affairs. Research economist - Moritz A. Roth

Barcelona University - Visiting Professor - Jordi Teixidó-Figueras

PUC Chile - Assistant Professorship - Alejandro Vicondoa









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