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Gabriele Macci awarded prize

Posted on 15 July 2019

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce that Gabriele Macci has won the second year prize for best paper and presentation: Capital-Skill Complementarity and Sorting

Gabriele investigates the consequences of skill-biased technological change on wage inequality across, but also within education groups. He proposes a model where workers vary in their education and on how substitutable they are with technology. Firms decide on team compositions. He uses this setup to study how changes in the price of information technology affects the wages and the composition of teams. His ambition is to calibrate the model with matched employer-employee data, which also include balance sheet information at the firm level. Gabriele’s project is ambitious, innovative and very promising, both on theory and empirical fronts. His presentation was very clear and engaging. 

Congratulations for an excellent paper!