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Honorary Doctorates


Professor Thomas Sargent

On Friday 3 October 2008 at the EUI Degree Conferring Ceremony, Prof. Thomas Sargent, the Berkley Professor of Economics and Business at New York University, received an Honoris Causa degree together with Prof. John H. Jackson, Professor of Law and Director of the Institute of International Economic Law at Georgetown University, Washington DC, and Prof. Dr. Fritz W. Scharpf, Emeritus Director, Max Planck Institute for the Studies of Societies.

The Laudatio for Prof. Sargent was presented by Ramon Marimon, Director of the Max Weber Programme and Professor in the Economics Department. Thomas Sargent is known as "one of the leaders of the rational expectations revolution" and the author of numerous path-breaking papers. Working with Neil Wallace, Sargent developed the saddle path stability characterization of the rational expectations equilibrium and also produced the Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition.

Degree Conferring Ceremony at the European University Institute and the Laudationes of the distinguished professors

Professor Tony Atkinson

On Friday 1 October 2004 at the EUI Degree Conferring Ceremony, Professor Atkinson received an Honoris Causa degree.

Sir Anthony B. Atkinson contributions to the economics of inequality and public sector economics by Professor Rick van der Ploeg


Professor Jacques Drèze

Honoris Causa awarded at the EUI Conferring Ceremony of 4 October 2002

Laudatio by Professor Omar Licandro (taken from the EUI Review, Autumn 2002, part 3:3)


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