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Interviewer effects and the measurement of financial literacy

Authors: CROSSLEY, Thomas F.; SCHMIDT, Tobias; TZAMOURANI, Panagiota; WINTER, Joachim K.
Citation: Journal of the royal statistical society : series A, statistics in society, 2021, Vol. 184, No. 1, pp. 150-178
Year: 2021
Abstract: In this paper, we ask whether interviewers influence the answers to a standard set of survey questions on financial literacy. We study data from…

The heterogeneous and regressive consequences of COVID-19 : evidence from high quality panel data

Authors: CROSSLEY, Thomas F.; FISHER, Paul; LOW, Hamish
Citation: Journal of public economics, 2021, Vol. 193, OnlineOnly
Year: 2021
Abstract: Using new data from the first two waves of the Understanding Society COVID-19 Study collected in April and in May 2020 in the UK, we study the labour…

Corrigendum to capital investment in 'Assortative matching with large firms'

Authors: MACCI, Gabriele; Eeckhout, Jan; KIRCHER, Philipp; LAFUENTE MARTINEZ, Cristina
Citation: Econometrica, 2020, OnlineOnly
Year: 2020
Abstract: This document corrects an error in Eeckhout and Kircher (2018) in the sign of an underived condition for positive assortative matching (PAM…

Assortative matching with large firms

Authors: EECKHOUT, Jan; KIRCHER, Philipp
Citation: Econometrica, 2018, Vol. 86, No. 1, pp. 85-132
Year: 2018
Abstract: Two cornerstones of empirical and policy analysis of firms, in macro, labor and industrial organization, are the determinants of the firm size…

Endogenous group formation and responsibility diffusion : an experimental study

Authors: BRÜTT, Katharina; SCHRAM, Arthur; SONNEMANS, Joep
Citation: Games and economic behavior, 2020, Vol. 121, pp. 1-31
Year: 2020
Abstract: We study the effects of varying individual pivotality and endogenous group entry on the selfishness of group decisions. Selfish choices by groups are…

Competition for status creates superstars : an experiment on public good provision and network formation

Authors: VAN LEEUWEN, Boris; OFFERMAN, Theo; SCHRAM, Arthur
Citation: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 666–707
Year: 2020
Abstract: We investigate a mechanism that facilitates the provision of public goods in a network formation game. We show how competition for status encourages…

Elections under biased candidate endorsements : an experimental study

Authors: SUN, Junze; SCHRAM, Arthur; SLOOF, Randolph
Citation: Games and economic behavior, 2021, Vol. 125, pp. 141-158
Year: 2021
Abstract: We construct an election game to study the electoral impacts of biased candidate endorsements. We derive a set of testable predictions. We test these…

Protecting consumers from collusive prices due to AI

Authors: CALZOLARI, Giacomo; DENICOLÒ, Vincenzo; CALVANOL, Emilio; HARRINGTON Jr., Joseph E.; PASTORELLOL, Sergio
Citation: Science, 2020, Vol. 370, No. 6520., pp. 1040-1042
Year: 2020
Abstract: The efficacy of a market system is rooted in competition. In striving to attract customers, firms are led to charge lower prices and deliver better…
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