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Current Departmental Research Themes


Monetary and Fiscal Institutions 
(Profs. Arpad Abraham, Russell Cooper, Ramon Marimon)

Dynamic Contracts, Incomplete Markets, European Macro and Social Economic Issues, International Economics, Sovereign Debt, Policy and Institutional Design

(Profs. Giacomo Calzolari, Ramon Marimon)

Asset Prices, Financial Frictions, Macro-Finance Models with Learning, Financial Crises and Economic Frictions, Banking, Banking Regulation and Supervision

Market Design
(Profs. Nina Bobkova, Giacomo Calzolari)

Auctions and Procurement, Information Design, Social Learning, Persuasion

Household Behaviour 
(Profs. Sule Alan, Russell Cooper, Thomas Crossley)

Consumption, Saving, Financial Security, Household Finance

Political Economy 
(Profs. Nina Bobkova, David Levine, Andrea Mattozzi)

Voting, Social Norms, Intervention and Peace, Political Selection in Europe, Evolutionary Underpinnings of Industrial Revolution, Populism

Search and Matching 
(Prof. Philipp Kircher)

Wage and Employment Inequality, Technological Change, Labour Market Advice

Health and Aging 
(Profs. Michèle Belot, Jesus Bueren)

Policy Intervention on Health Behaviour, Health Inequality and Dynamics

Labour and Education 
(Profs. Sule Alan, Michèle Belot, Russell Cooper, Andrea Ichino)

Field Experiments, Economics of the Family, Economics of European Judicial Systems, Gender Economics, Economics and Genetics, Migration, Personnel Economics

Industrial Organization, Patents 
(Profs. Giacomo Calzolari, David Levine)

Industrial Organization, Regulation, Competition Policy, Intellectual Monopoly

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