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Research Themes and Projects

The Economics Department performs theoretical and applied research on a wide range of topics of special relevance for European policy makers and institutions, ranging from issues related to the recent financial crisis, business cycle analysis, fiscal and monetary policy to migration and inequality. In particular, the professors of the Department work on the following topics.



Current Departmental Research Themes 

Designing Institutions for Economic and Monetary Unions
(Profs. Arpad Abraham, Ramon Marimon)

What is optimal design of sovereign debt restructuring vehicles such as the European Stability Mechanism? Do we need a European unemployment insurance scheme? How these types of institutions should balance between insurance, redistribution and incentives across and within countries. 

Fiscal Policy
(Profs. Evi Pappa, Arpad Abraham, Axelle Ferriere, Domink Sachs, Piero Gottardi)

What is the macroeconomic effect of anticipated and unanticipated changes in government expenditure? What are the limits of fiscal consolidation in the presence of tax evasion and rent seeking?  What is the optimal level of tax progressivity? 

Labour Markets
(Juan Dolado, Andrea Ichino, Philipp Kircher, Michèle Belot)

What is the effect of a dual labor market structure on unemployment and human capital accumulation? What is the effect of providing more information to unemployed about job opportunities? How long term unemployment affect the effectiveness of monetary policy? 

The Economics of Networks
(Andrea Galeotti, Andrea Mattozzi, Piero Gottardi)

Understanding the nature of trades in networks. How the characteristics of banking networks affect contagion and intermediation efficiency?  What is the optimal organizational structure when information processing is costly?

Political Economy
(Andrea Mattozzi, David Levine)

What determines political tenure? How political selection is determined under different electoral systems. What is the effect of campaign contribution legislation on electoral outcomes? The formation and organization of interest groups..

(Andrea Ichino, Michèle Belot)

What are the costs and benefits of early childhood institutions relative to maternal presence? How the inflow of immigrants did change the effectiveness of preschools? How to provide incentives to schoolchildren for better nutritional choices? 

Health and Welfare of Children
(Michèle Belot)

What determines the dietary choices of children? What is the long-term impact on their economic performance and health? What incentives may help to change dietary habits? 

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