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Analysis of Labor Markets

Arpad Abraham

  • Publications
  • Earnings Inequality and Skill-biased Technological change with Endogenous Choice of Education, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008, 6(2-3):695-704.
  • Unemployment Differentials in Hungary:The Role of Race and Human Capital., in Halpern and Wyplosz (eds.): Hungary: Towards a Market Economy, 1998, Cambridge University Press (with Gábor Kertesi).
  • Income Structure and Distribution of the Tax Burden., Acta Oeconomica, pp. 271-295 (with István János Tóth).
  • Working Papers
  • “The Effect of Moral Hazard on Wage Inequality with On-the-Job Search and”Employer Competition”, 2013, .joint with Susanne Forstner (IAAS, Stockholm) and Fernando Alvarez-Parra (CAF, Caracas).
  • Long-run Trends in Earnings and Employment in Hungary, 1972-1996'', 2000, Budapest Working Papers On The Labour Market, BWP. 2000/2, Budapest (joint with Gabor Kezdi).

  • Employment and Labour Market in Hungary joint with Reka Horvath, Working Document of the European Training Foundation and the European Comission, 1999.
  • The Value of Reduced Mortality Risk in Hungary - What Does Labor Market Data Tell Us?'', 1998, (joint with Peter Kaderjak and Gabriella Pal).
  • Work in progress
  • Optimal Tax Policy and Sorting in and out from the Informal Sector, joint with Szabolcs Dobó (EUI).
  • Labor Suply, Endogenous Wage Dynamics and Tax Policy (joint with Jay Hong and Ricardo Santos). Long Abstract,  work in progress.

  • Optimal Unemployment Insurance, Layoff-Risk and Hidden Wealth: A Case for Unemployment Accounts System (with Nicola Pavoni), work in progress..

Jerome Adda

  • Career Progression, Economic Downturns, and Skills 2013, (with C Dustmann, C Meghir and JM Robin).
  • Labor Market Programmes and Labor Market Outcomes (2010), mimeo UCL.
  • The Career Cost of Children (2011), (with C Dustmann and K Stevens), mimeo UCL, in revision for the Journal of Political Economy.
  • The Role of Mothers and Fathers in Providing Skills: Evidence from Parental Deaths (with A Bjorklund and H Holmlund). 

Juan J. Dolado

  • "Labour Flexibility and Wages: Lessons from Spain" (with S. Bentolila). Economic Policy (1994),18, 55-99.
  • "The Economic Impact of Minimum Wages in Europe" (with F.   Kramarz, A. Manning, S. Machin and C. Teulings). Economic Policy (1996), 23, 317-373.
  • "Wage Bargaining in Industries con Market Power" (with S. Bentolila and J. Padilla). Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, (1996), 5, 535-564.
  • The Causes of Spanish Unemployment: A Structural VAR Approach" (with J.F. Jimeno). European Economic Review (1997), 41, 1281-1307.
  • "Youth Labour Markets in Spain: Education, Training and Crowding-Out" (with F. Felgueroso and J.F. Jimeno). European Economic Review (2000), 44, 943-958.
  • "Drawing Lessons from the Boom of Temporary Jobs in Spain" (with C. García-Serrano and J.F. Jimeno). The Economic Journal (2002), 112, 270-295.
  • "Does Immigration Affect the Phillips Curve? Some Evidence for Spain" (with S. Bentolila and J.F. Jimeno). European Economic Review (2008), 52, 1398-1423.
  • "On- the-Job Search in a Matching Model with Heterogeneous Jobs and Workers" (with M. Jansen and J.F. Jimeno). The Economic Journal, (2009), 119, 200-228.
  • “Two-tier Labor Markets in the Great Recession: France vs. Spain” (with S. Bentolila, P. Cahuc and T. Le Barbanchon), The Economic Journal (2012), 122, 155-187.
  • “Reforming an Insider-Outsider Labor Market: The Spanish Experience (with S. Bentolila and J. F. Jimeno), IZA Journal of European Labor Studies (2012), 1:4.

Andrea Ichino

  • "Does the color of the collar matter? Employment and earnings after a plant closure" with Oliver Ruf, Guido Schwerdt, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer and Josef Zweimuller, Economic Letters, 2010  vol. 108, pp. 137 - 140.
  • "Youth Emancipation and Perceived Job Insecurity of Parents and Children" with Sascha Becker, Samuel Bentolila and Ana Fernandes, Journal of Population Economics Volume 23, Issue 3 (2010), Page 1047-1071
  • "How often should you open the door? Optimal monitoring to screen heterogeneous agents" with Gerd Muehlheuser, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (67) 820-831
  • "Unemployment and Consumption Near and Far Away From the Mediterranean?" with Samuel Bentolila, Journal of Population Economics , vol. 21, pp. 255 - 280. Here you can find how the New York Times talks about this paper
  • "From temporary help jobs to permanent employment: What can we learn from matching estimators and their sensitivity?" with Fabrizia Mealli and Tommaso Nannicini, Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 23, pp. 305 - 327.
  • "The Effect of Employment Protection on Worker Effort - A Comparison of Absenteeism During and After Probation" with Regina T. Riphahn, Journal of the European Economic Association, March, 3 (1), 120-143
  • "Work Environment and Individual Background: Explaining Regional Shirking Differentials in a Large Italian Firm" with Giovanni Maggi, Quarterly Journal of Economics, August, 115 (3), 1057-1090



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