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Business Cycle Analysis

Analysing fluctuations in the economic conditions has a long tradition in economics. A variety of models and methods both theoretical and empirical have been used traditionally for investigating the sources and effects of economic fluctuations. This variety is also reflected in the related research performed in the Economics Department of the European University Institute. 

Arpad Abraham

  • The Dynamics of Plant-Level Productivity in the U.S. (joint with Kirk White) (revised and resubmitted at the Review of Economic Dynamics)
  • Firm Size Distribution after a Financial Crisis (with Eva Carceles-Poveda and Jay Hong ), work in progress

Fabio Canova

  • Do Institutional Changes affect BusinessCycles? Evidence from Europe (with M. Cicarelli and E. Ortega), Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Appendix. 
  • ClubMed? Cyclical Fluctuations in the Mediterranean Basin (with M. Cicarelli). Forthcoming in Journal of International Economics
  • Does Money Matter in Shaping Domestic Business Cycles? An International Investigation (with T. Menz), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 43 (4), 2011, 577-609
  • Similarities and Convergence in G-7 Cycles (with M. Ciccarelli and E. Ortega), Journal of Monetary Economics, 54 (3), 2007, 850-878
  • On the Sources of Business Cycles in the G-7 (with G. de Nicoló), Journal of International Economics, 59 (1), 2003, 77-100
  • Stock Returns, Term Structure, Inflation, and Real Activity. An International Perspective (with G. de Nicoló), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 4 (3), 2000, 343-372  
  • Sources and Propagation of International Output Cycles: Common Shocks or Transmission? (with J. Marrinan), Journal of International Economics, 46 (1), 1998, 133-166
  • Detrending and Business Cycle Facts, Journal of Monetary Economics, 41 (3), 1998, 475-512
  • Detrending and Business Cycle Facts: A User's Guide, Journal of Monetary Economics, 41 (3), 1998, 533-540
  • International Business Cycles, Financial Markets and Household Production (with A. Ubide), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 22 (4), 1998, 545-572
  • International Consumption Risk Sharing (with M. Ravn), International Economic Review, 37 (3), 1996, 574-601
  • Detrending and Turning Points, European Economic Review, 38 (3-4), 1994, 614-623
  • Trade Interdependence and the International Business Cycle (with H. Dellas), Journal of International Economics, 34 (1-2), 1993, 23-47
  • The Sources of Financial Crisis: Pre- and Post-Fed Evidence, International Economic Review, 32 (3), 1991, 689-713

Evi Pappa

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