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Information and Contracts

Arpad Abraham


  • On the First Order Approach in Principal-Agent Models with Hidden Borrowing and Lending, Journal of Economic Theory, 2011, forthcoming, (with Nicola Pavoni and Sebastian Koehne).
  • Endogenous Trading Constraints in Incomplete Asset Markets, Journal of Economic Theory, 2010, 145: 974-1004 (with Eva Carceles-Poveda).
  • Eficient Allocations with Moral Hazard and Hidden Borrrowing and Lending: A recursive Formulation, Review of Economic Dynamics, 2008, 11: 781-803,(with Nicola Pavoni).
  • Endogenous Incomplete Markets, Enforcement Constraints and Intermediation, Theoretical Economics, 2006, pp. 439-459. (with Eva Carceles-Poveda).
  • The Efficient Allocation of Consumption under Moral Hazard and Hidden Access to the Credit Market., Journal of the European Economic Association, April-May 3(2-3): 370-381. (with Nicola Pavoni) 

Working Papers

  • The Effect of Moral Hazard on Wage Inequality with On-the-Job Search and Employer Competition, 2013, joint with Susanne Forstner (IAAS, Stockholm) and Fernando Alvarez-Parra (CAF, Caracas)
  • Limited Commitment and Hidden Storage, (with Sarolta Laczo), 2011.
  • Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation , 2010, (with Nicola Pavoni and Sebastiam Koehne).
  • Competitive Equilibria with Production and Limited Commitment , 2009, (with Eva Carceles-Poveda).
  • Optimal Unemployment Insurance, Layoff-Risk and Hidden Wealth: A Case for Unemployment Accounts System (with Nicola Pavoni), work in progress.

Piero Gottardi

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