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Microeconomics 2020-2021

Microeconomics seminars take place on Tuesdays

 Term 1 - Academic Year 2020-2021

Date and PlacePresenterTitle
06-Oct-20 - online Natalia Fabra, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid  Auctions with Unknown Capacities: Understanding Competition among Renewables
20-Oct-20 - online - 15:00/16:15 Marina Halac, Yale University Rank Uncertainty in Organizations
10-Nov-20 - online - 15:00/16:15 Juan Ortner, Boston University Bargaining with Evolving Private Information
01-Dec-20 - online - 15:00/16:15 Mallesh Pai, Rice University Optimal Incentives for Financial Analysts
15-Dec-20 - online - 15:00/16:15 Elliot Lipnowski, Columbia University  

"Fostering Collaboration"

Term 2 - Academic Year 2020-2021

Date and PlacePresenterTitle
02-Feb-21 - online - 14:00/15:15 Ingela Alger, Toulouse School of Economics  "Estimating Social Preferences and Kantian Morality in Strategic Interactions"
09-Feb-21 - online - 14:00/15:15 Xavier Vives, IESE Business School  “General Equilibrium Oligopoly and Ownership Structure” (with J. Azar)
23-Feb-21 - online - 14:00/15:15 Özlem Bedre-Defolie, ESMT Berlin "Competition for exclusivity of a superior input"
09-Mar-21 - online - 14:00/15:15 Jidong Zhou, Yale School of Management "Consumer Information and the Limits to Competition"
30-Mar-21 - online - 14:00/15:15 Yossi Spiegel, Tel Aviv University                                     

Term 3 - Academic Year 2020-2021

Date and PlacePresenterTitle
06-Apr-21 Francesc Dilmé, Bonn Graduate School of Economics  
27-Apr-21 Joyee Deb, Yale University  
18-May-21 Jacopo Bizzotto, Oslo Business School                                     
25-May-21 Ina A. Taneva, University of Edinburgh                                    
THURSDAY 10-JUN-21 14:30/15:45 Jeanine Miklós-Thal, University of Rochester  

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