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Faculty Areas of Research

The Department of History and Civilization specializes in broad areas of 15th-21st century history. Prospective applicants should look closely at the research interests specified by the professors on their personal web pages. These will provide the clearest idea of the kinds of research topics that are supervised at the EUI. It should not be assumed that the interests listed are the only topics those professors will supervise, but they should serve as a useful guide. Specific research interests of the professors who are available to supervise new researchers are set out below.

In the application form you are encouraged to list the names of potential supervisors for your research. Faculty members will then become aware that you consider them to be potential supervisors. However, we ask you not to contact the professors for advice, in order not to undermine the fairness of our selection procedure.


Giancarlo Casale

Giancarlo Casale, Professor of Early Modern History of the Mediterranean.

Research Themes: Ottoman History, Comparative Early Modern Empires, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean History, History of Geography and Cartography.


Benno Gammerl, Professor of History of Gender and Sexuality.

Research themes: Queer history in modern Germany; History of emotions; Oral history; Citizenship and migration in the British Empire and Austria-Hungary.

Regina Grafe, Professor of Early Modern History.

Research themes: Early modern history of the Hispanic World; global economic and social history; the history of state and empire-building; colonial governance; comparative history of private and public commercial institutions and legal norms.


Nicolas Guilhot, Professor of Intellectual History.

Research themes: European intellectual history; early modern and contemporary political thought; history of the social sciences; internationalism and human rights; historiography; history of political concepts.

Pieter M. Judson, Professor of 19th and 20th Century History.

Research themes: Central, Eastern, and South-eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries; comparative empire; European nationalism, borderlands, fascisms; histories of sexuality and gender.

Lucy Riall, Professor of History of Europe in the World (19th to 20th centuries).

Research themes: modern European History, especially Italy; nineteenth- and early twentieth-century European colonialism; nationalism and nation-building; biography; religion and politics; masculinity and politics.


Riello 100x120

Giorgio Riello, Professor of Early Modern Global History

Research themes: global history and history of globalization; history of material culture; history of consumption and fashion; Early Modern history of trade; history of the Indian Ocean; global economic and cultural history


Glenda Sluga, Professor of International History and Capitalism

Research themes: modern European, East and West, 18-20th century; history of capitalism; European empires in Asia-Pacific; history of internationalisms and nationalisms; settler societies; diplomatic history; environmental history; women and gender 


Corinna Unger, Professor of Global and Colonial History (19th and 20th centuries).

Research themes: global, international, and colonial history; history of development; history of knowledge; Cold War and decolonization; modern India; rural, agricultural, and environmental history.

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