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Former Fernand Braudel Senior Fellows

Pamela BALLINGER, University of Michigan

Materializing Empire: Infrastructures of Italy’s Fascist Imperium

May – June 2019

Rosamund BARTLETT, King's College (London)

Opera in Russia: A Cultural History

January – March 2012 

Peter BECKER, Linz University

The Discreet Charm of the Printed Form: A Book Project on the Cultural History of Public Administration

December 2009 – February 2010


Russia's Cultural Diplomacy in Europe. Strategies and Functions. From Peter the Great to WWII

February – June  2013

Maxine BERG, University of Warwick

English East India Company Factories in India 1650-1780: Production, Information and Trade

September – December 2015

Paola BERTUCCI, Yale University

Artisanal Enlightenment: Science and the Mechanical Arts in Early Modern France

January – April 2016

Peter BOOMGAARD, University of Amsterdam

Landscapes, Crops, and Animals: A New Synthesis of European and Global Dynamics, 1500-2000

September – December 2013

Kate BROWN, University of Maryland

Circumnavigation: History’s Renovation in the Age of the Anthropocene

September 2016 – January 2017

Edmund BURKE, University of California, Santa Cruz

The Muslim Mediterranean in Modern Times: Historical Contexts and Conjunctures

September – November 2011

Eric BUSSIERE, Paris-Sorbonne University

Jacques Delors et l’Europe au tournant des années 1990: vers la politisation des enjeux et des institutions

January – April 2019

Renato CAMURRI, University of Verona

The Exile of Italian Intellectuals and Scientists to United States during the Interwar Period: a Transnational and a Comparative Perspective

January – April 2012  

Giancarlo CASALE, University of Minnesota

Ottoman Rome and the Mediterranean Renaissance

February – April 2017

Sandra CAVALLO, University of London

Healthy Homes, Healthy Bodies in Late Renaissance Italy (c.1490 - c.1700)

January – March 2012 

Edward CHANEY, Southampton Solent University

The Cultural Memory of Egypt in Early Modern Europe

January – April 2015

Andrea COLLI, Bocconi University

International Business and the European Economy in the ‘Long’ 20th Century

September 2014 – January 2015

Sean CONNOLLY, Queen's University (Belfast)

State Building and Political Culture: The Irish and Italian Experiences

September – December 2012

Campbell CRAIG, Aberystwyth University

Marxism and Modern War

September – November 2013

Barbara CURLI, Università degli Studi della Calabria

The Suez Canal: a Transnational Economic and Social History

February – March 2010

Belinda DAVIS, Rutgers University

The Inner Life of Politics: The West German Extraparliamentary Movement, 1962-1983

January – April 2015

Jan DE VRIES, University of California at Berkeley

The Political Economy of Bread in Early Modern Europe

September – December 2012

Véronique DIMIER, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Business, Decolonization and Development

October – December 2014

Desmond DINAN, George Mason University

Political Crises in the European Union: Characteristics, Causes and Consequences

January – March 2011

Evgeny DOBRENKO, University of Sheffield

Late Stalinism. The aesthetics of politics

September – December 2018

Jean-Louis FABIANI, EHESS (Paris)

Receptions of Pragmatism in Europe

January – June 2014 

Serena FERENTE, King’s College (London)

A New History of Europe in the Fifteenth Century: Imagination and Experience

September – December 2014

John Mackintosh FOOT, University of Bristol

Italian Fascism. From micro-history to everyday life, 1915-1945 and beyond

October – November 2018

Junia Ferreira FURTADO, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

The “Istorica Descrizione de tre regni Kongo, Matamba e Angola” – a cartographic approach

September – December 2018 

Mark GAMSA, Tel Aviv University

History and Historiography: Russians and Chinese in Harbin

January – April 2011

Giuliano GARAVINI, New York University (Abu Dhabi) 

The Wealth of Nature: Patterns of Exploitation, Struggle and Cooperation over Natural Resources in the Modern World

September 2017 – June 2018 

Robert GERWARTH, University College (Dublin)

Europe’s “Postwar” 1918-23

April – June 2014

Regina GRAFE, Northwestern University

A Stakeholder Empire: the Political Economy of Spanish Rule in the Eighteenth Century Americas

January – March 2012  

Omar GUEYE, Cheikh Anta Diop University (Dakar)

May 1968 in Africa, Dakar in the Worldwide Social Movement

September 2015 – April 2016  

Sarah HUTTON, University of York

The European Circle of Sir John Finch. A Study in the Circulation of Ideas in the Early Enlightenment

September – December 2015 

Maurizio ISABELLA, Queen Mary University of London

Southern Europe in the Age of Revolutions: the 1820s in global context

September – December 2018 

Huricihan ISLAMOGLU, Bogazici Univeristy

Beyond Histories of Stagnation to “Living” Histories of Possibilities: A New Perspective on the Economic History of the Ottoman Empire

January – April 2013

Patrick JOYCE, University of Manchester

Rethinking the European State and its History

January – May 2011

Marjoleine KARS, University of Maryland

Freedom Marooned: An Atlantic Slave Rebellion in the Early Modern Dutch Caribbean

September 2016 – January 2017

Paschalis KITROMILIDES, University of Athens

Explorations of the Political in Civic Humanism 

February – May 2010

Menachem KLEIN, Bar Ilan University

Jews and Arabs in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Hebron in the Twentieth Century

January – June 2010

Pierre KODJIO NENGUIÉ, University of Québec and Univerisity of Montréal

Challenging Political Paradigms of the Relation between Western Europe and Black Africa (1960-2010)

January – April 2013

László KONTLER, Central European University (Budapest)

Enlightenment Apocalypse: The End of the World in the Eighteenth Century

September – December 2017 

Anthony LA VOPA,  North Caroline State University

Manly Thoughts. The Labor of the Mind and the Specter of Effeminacy in Enlightenment Cultures

September – December 2010

Alessandra LORINI, University of Florence

Representing Cuba, Argentina and Spain at North-American International Expositions, 1876-1904: Atlantic Crossings of Euro-American Models of Colonization and Nation-Building in the Age of US Imperial Nationalism

September 2010 – January 2011

Kate LOWE, Queen Mary University of London

Africa in Europe in the Long Sixteenth Century

January – June 2017

Lorenz LUTHI, McGill University

The Cold Wars: Asia, Middle East and Europe

February – March 2019

Jitka MALECKOVA, Charles University in Prague

Travels East and West: Two perspectives on the Turks’ place in Europe, 1870s-1930s

September – December 2016

Rahul MARKOVITS, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris

Who was Ahmed Khan? Travel, credit and identification between India and Europe during the age of revolutions

February – June 2019

Giuseppe MARCOCCI, Università degli Studi della Tuscia

Writing World History in Renaissance Europe and Overseas

January - March 2016   

Cynthia MILTON, Université de Montréal

History of Manners in European Culture of the long XVIIIth century

January – March 2017

Rolando MINUTI, Università di Firenze

History of Manners in European Culture of the long XVIIIth century

January – March 2017

Zacarías MOUTOUKIAS - Vasco da Gama Fellow, Université Diderot, Paris 7

Social Networks and Institutional Change in the Atlantic World: the Emergence of a New Political and Economic Order in Buenos Aires, 1760-1820 

September – December 2011

M’Hamed OUALDI, Princeton University

Transition of Empires. The Disputed Inheritance of a Slave in Late Nineteenth-Century Central Mediterranean

September – December 2015  

Luciano PEZZOLO, Università Ca’ Foscari (Venezia)

Family and Economic Growth in Medieval and Early-Modern Europe: From the Italian Commercial Revolution to English Capitalism

February – May 2014


From the Exceptional to the Global: Israeli Literature and Comparative Settler Colonialism

March – May 2015

Milada POLIŠENSKÁ, Anglo-American University

Forced Deportation of Civilians from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Austria to the Soviet Gulag Camps, their Repatriation, Rehabilitation and Compensation: A Comparative Analysis

February – April 2013

Ethan POLLOCK, Brown University (Providence)

'Without the Bania We Would Perish': A History of the Russian Bathhouse

January – June 2018 

Jacques REVEL, EHESS and NYU

Multiple Narratives: Historiographies in a Global Age

October 2012 – January 2013

Giorgio RIELLO, University of Warwick

The Globalization of European Dress: the Shaping of Global Sartorial Identity, 1700-2010

January – March 2012 

Silvia SALVATICI, University of Teramo

Professionals of Rehabilitation. Unrra Officers in Postwar Europe

January – February 2011

Ostap SEREDA, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Cultural Politics and Musical Theater in Russian-ruled Kyiv, 1856-1896

March – May 2011

J.B. SHANK, University of Minnesota

Evangelista Torricelli: a Baroque Life

September – December 2018 

Naoko SHIMAZU, Birkbeck University of London

Diplomacy as Theatre: Asian and African 'Performances' at the Bandung Conference of 1955

January – June 2015

George Bryan SOUZA, University of Texas (San Antonio)

Lisbon, Venice and the Sepharad: Finance, Commerce and the Carreira da India, c. 1570 – c. 1620

January – April 2018 

Peter STACHEL, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Unity in Diversity: The Influence of Bernard Bolzano and Bohemian Reform-Catholizism on College Education and Scholarly Theory-Building in Central Europe 

October – December 2010

Marla STONE, Occidental College (Los Angeles) 

The Enemy: The Politics and Propaganda of Italian Anti-communism

February – May 2017

Bernhard STRUCK,  University of St. Andrews

Modern Europe. A Transnational History, c.1760s-2000

September – December 2017 

Eleni VARIKAS, Université de Paris & Saint-Denis

The Rhetoric of Modernity as Women’s Emancipation 

January – June 2011

Levent YILMAZ, Istanbul Bilgi University

Renaissance and Early Modern Sources of Vico: Humanist and Legal Origins of the Idea of Human Nature

September – November 2013

Tara ZAHRA, University of Chicago

Exodus from the East: Emigration from East Central Europe and the Making of the “Free World”

March – May 2014

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