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Other Fellows

ECOINT Project Fellows


Senior Research Fellow

SOCIOBORD Project Fellows

Dominika GRUZIEL

Senior Research Fellow

John Paul NEWMAN

Research Associate


Research Associate

Machteld VENKEN

Research Associate


Research Associate

Former Fellows


PanEur1970s Fellow


Senior Research Fellow - expert on Hungary

Maximilian GRAF

Research Associate - expert on GDR


Senior Research Fellow - expert on European Community


Research Associate - expert on Bulgaria

Adelina STEFAN

Research Associate - expert on Romania


Research Associate - expert on Czechoslovakia

Benedetto ZACCARIA

Research Associate - expert on Yugoslavia


Academic Associate

Nida Alahmad

Concept and Practice of State-building as a Technology of Political Engineering (April 2014 – March 2016)


Academy of Finland Fellows 

Suvi KANSIKAS, University of Helsinki

Renouncing the Brezhnev doctrine. A study on the Soviet alliance policy change at the end of the Cold War (September-November 2017)

Petri KOIKKALAINEN, University of Lapland

Contextualism in Political Theory: Past, Present and Future (September 2011 – June 2013)

Lauri OCKENSTRÖM, University of Jyväskylä

Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic themes in magical imageries transmitted in Latin manuals in Europe between 1100-1650 (September-February 2018)


AUEFAI Fellows

Ian COLLER, University of Melbourne

Islam and Revolutionary Europe 1780-1820 (January-June 2011)

Vivian GERRAND, University of Melbourne

From Jus Sanguinis to Jus Soli. Representing Somalis’ multiple Affiliations in Italy (January-June 2015)  

Carolyn JAMES, Monash University

Study of European Women’s Letters between c 1380-1580 (April-May 2013)

Giovanni TARANTINOUniversity of Melbourne

“Out of Africa”: A Study on Competing Early Modern Accounts of Africa (January-July 2016)


Canon Foundation Fellows

Yuichiro KAWANA, University College London 

The Place of Historical Knowledge in Classical Utilitarian Politics: James Mill, George Grote, and John Stuart Mill on History (September 2009 – August 2010)

Yoshimi OSAWA, University of Kent

The Industrialization and Commercialization of Taste; the Development of Umami Products and their Implications in Europe (September 2012 – July 2013)


Gulbenkian Fellow

Lúcio Manuel ROCHA DE SOUZA, New University of Lisbon

Slave Trade in Asia, 16th-17th c. (September 2009 – August 2010)


Vasco da Gama Fellows

Irene FATTACCIU, European University Institute

From Atlantic to Global Commodity: Portuguese and Spanish Political Economies and the Transfer of Cocoa to Africa in the 19th Century  (January-December 2012)

Gagan SOOD, Yale University

Pluralism, Hegemony and Custom in Cosmopolitan Islamic Euroasia, ca. 1720-90, with particular reference to the Mercantile Arena  (June 2009 – June 2011)

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