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Senior Research FellowRomano

PanEur1970s project (funded by ERC)


Tel. [+39] 055 4686 224
Email: [email protected]

Postal address: Department of History and Civilization | Via Bolognese 156 | 50139 Florence - Italy

Villa Salviati, Castello - Office SACA 407

Director of the Project: F. Romero


Angela Romano is a historian of 20th Century International Relations. Her main research interests include the Cold War, the variety of integration and cooperation processes in Europe (including the EC/EU, COMECON, NATO, the CSCE), East-West economic relations, and the external relations of the EC/EU. Since 2004 she has published extensively on these subjects and has been invited to numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars in Europe, Russia, the US, and Japan (details in the extended CV).

She is finalising her second monograph – The European Community and Eastern Europe in the Cold War (Routledge, expected late 2019) – which analyses the role of the EC in Cold War Europe during the 1970s and 1980s. The research leading to this book received funding from the EU’s FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n° 2010-273072.

Dr Romano collaborated with Prof Federico Romero in conceiving Socialist Visions and Policies on European Cooperation and in publishing its results; she thereafter contributed to elaborating the PanEur1970s project. Within the scope of PanEur1970s Dr Romano assists Prof Romero in managing the project, supervising the team members, and co-edit the final volume; she provides expertise on the EEC’s features, policies, and actions impacting on socialist countries, and handles all aspects of digital humanities. She also furthers her own research on EEC institutions’ contacts with the elites of the socialist states in the period 1969–1989.

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